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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Heather Barefoot | 13 May 2014 15:00
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Episode Four

felix sarah and kira

Still in the mangled car, Sarah comes to and notices Daniel isn't moving. She's still collecting herself when Cal arrives. We realize that he purposefully smashed into them with his giant truck in order to get Sarah back. Believing Daniel is dead, Cal insists they call the cops but Sarah refuses. She picks up Daniel's gun until Cal reminds her that it's a murder weapon for the poor police officer that lost his life back in Cal's yard. They hide Daniel and his car then start driving. Cal takes Sarah to Kira then brings them both to an RV camper, in which they continue their journey away from the scene of a police/Dyad lackey murder.

Helena wakes up and begins questioning Henrick and his other wife Bonnie's intentions. They lie to her while trying to convince her that the forced marriage didn't happen, that she's just sick and they're nursing her back to health, but she sees the ring on her finger and definitely knows something's afoot.

Alison wakes up in a strange apartment with her wrist in a cast. She believes she's at the Dyad Institute, however a snarky woman lets her know she's actually in rehab instead for her affinity for prescription pills and alcohol. Donnie shows up at her room and informs her that she won't be allowed to see their children until she's completed the program.

In an attempt to purge her family of the monster that is Helena, Gracie tries to smother her with a pillow. It appears as though she's succeeded as Helena stops struggling, but we all know better than that. Helena instead puts Gracie in a sleeper hold and then begins her daring escape of the Prolethean compound. On her way out, she finds a room where she experiences flashbacks of being operated on in an extremely invasive way. (Be warned, that scene is a little rough to watch.)

She grabs a weapon from the room and escapes, booking it as quick as she can away from the farm. She runs into Art who has been keeping tabs on the Proletheans, but keeps running and he stays behind to question the group.

Meanwhile Sarah shows Cosima the Project LEDA picture. Cosima proceeds to give us a mythology lesson on the Greek tale of Leda and the Swan. She believes that Project LEDA is "military-speak" and that the children created under Project LEDA some sort of half human-half god creation.

Sarah leaves Kira with Cal while she goes to find Mrs. S and Felix back in the city. Before leaving, she informs Cal that the Dyad Institute is behind all of their problems. Speaking of the Dyad, remember Daniel? Yeah, he's not actually dead. Instead he's busing his way out of the car wreck and making a straight line for Sarah.

sarah and siobhan

Siobhan goes on a search for her old buddy Carlton and when they meet, we can cut the chemistry with a knife. It doesn't take them long to start getting it on in outside of the men's bathroom in a bar. Afterward, Siobhan convinces Carlton to take her with him on his journey so that she can help protect Sarah and Kira.

Felix and Sarah meet up at Mrs. S' house to look for information on Siobhan's network back in London. They find news clippings of Carlton's involvement in human smuggling of orphans and a closer shot of the scientists in Sarah's Project LEDA photo: Prof. Susan and Ethan Duncan. Duncan, like Rachel Duncan.

Sarah tricks her way into Rachel's apartment and Cosima does what Cosima does best: research. We learn that Rachel's parents, Susan and Ethan, are actually her adoptive parents. Amelia's initial task was to be a surrogate for the Duncans with Sarah, but after she ran the Duncans adopted Rachel instead. Cosima delves into Rachel's psyche and suggests that Rachel was more than likely raised completely self-aware, which means that her clinical lifestyle prompted her to be the perfect embodiment of emotional detachment and sparked in her a sense of elitism when it comes to the other clones. Sarah disagrees after watching home videos of Rachel and her parents, but gets interrupted by Daniel's impromptu visit to Rachel's suite.

Sarah hides in the bathroom but is found, pistol-whipped, and then tied up in the shower by Daniel with the intent to torture in a place where it's "easier to clean up". Sarah pulls out all the information she has to prolong her life and in the process we find out that Daniel is actually Rachel's Monitor.

He stops his torture of Sarah when music starts in a room off-screen. We hear a struggle and then see Daniel collapse to the floor and Helena walk over him in her mangled, bloody wedding gown with a big ol' knife in her hands.

The "seestra" reunion is incredible. Shocking, bloody, and moving all at once, Helena confesses to Sarah that she believes her new husband "took something from inside of her". Back on the farm, Mark admits to Henrick that they lost Helena. However, the last shot of the episode shows Henrick, Bonnie, and Mark all watching a cell, presumably taken from Helena, split into two.

And on that note, you're caught up.

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