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Why You Should Be Watching Orphan Black: Season 2, Episodes 1-4

Heather Barefoot | 13 May 2014 15:00
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Suffice it to say that I am very pleased with the amount of Proletheans in Season Two. Thank you, Orphan Black, for giving them with the same development you gave the Neolutionists in Season One. All at once, it's now easy to see why certain people would join their movement and extremely difficult to understand why others would even go near it. It's that kind of duality between the wholesome front the Proletheans have and their deceiving, shady underbelly that makes this group so fascinating. Their scenes are by my favorite love-to-hate-them scenes.

To those in the outer circles, the modern Prolethean lifestyle is charming despite it's ambiguous mash-up of various religious beliefs. Simple lives led by people trying to do The Lord's Work. It's just too bad that work includes murder, forced marriages, and the unfortunate and cringe-worthy impregnation of Helena.

I'm mostly fascinated by Henrick as this season's main villain. He's quite like the Governor from The Walking Dead. On the outside he's a charming, seemingly fair leader. Dig a little deeper and you start to see the cracks, the devious passions that make Henrick tick. It's a clever turn of events to have the forefront of the modern Proletheans want to utilize the clones as a weapon of creation instead of destroy them. This merging of the clones and the Proletheans by creating children parented biologically from both parties is twisted genius for a villain and puts Helena in a much more sympathetic light.

And seriously, poor Helena! Her sister shoots her, she shows up at the hospital for help, gets taken away by some random guy and then married to another who messes with her body and, presumably, artificially inseminates her. That's all kinds of fucked up for anyone, let alone someone who's led the life of torture and abuse that she has.

I'm hoping for some redemption for Helena, who seems now to only want to belong to her sister's family. Without Thomas there to fall back on, Helena's purpose from Season One has been revoked. I know she's essentially a serial killer, but there's a warm spot in my heart for the crazed Ukrainian and I'd like to see her be able to really experience the softer side of life. Am I certain that'll ever happen?

Cosima is still holding down the fort, smart-chick style, but she's not branching out from that as much as I would have hoped. I don't want to see her play damsel in distress, or the closest thing we get to in it Orphan Black, with this illness of hers. Let's hope that with the help of her bad-ass science skills, she creates a treatment for their genetic predisposition and she doesn't get caught up in the woe-is-me aspect of it.

And how about Cal? I'm not positive he's not involved in this somehow deeper than he's letting on. Cal is just now showing up again after eight years of darkness in Sarah's life and while I understand that she royally screwed him, that doesn't mean he can't have some knowledge of the Dyad/Prolethean/Clone situation. This stuff goes back at least to the 70's if not further, so it's possible that Cal might have information he's hiding. I'd love for Kira to get to know her possible father without any strings attached, but I think that'd be too easy for Orphan Black and that Cal's definitely got something up his sleeve. We'll just have to see.

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