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Orphan Black: Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

Heather Barefoot | 28 May 2014 15:50
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Meanwhile at the Dyad Institute, Scott's on to something. While researching stem-cell growth kinetics, Scott decides to check for patents similar to those the Dyad has on the clones. Instead he finds that the stem-cells he's researching belong to a familial female relative of the clones, perhaps a niece or even a daughter. Seems a bit too close to Kira for my liking. Delphine makes the decision to not tell Cosima about this information, which is a bad move since it's a surefire way to break Cosima's trust in Delphine when she finds out, which will undoubtedly happen. Otherwise, the scene itself is pretty vague which means more insight into this stem-cell mystery must be in the upcoming episodes.

On the trail for Pechkam, Sarah again comes face to face with Siobhan, who just so happens to be at Mr. Peckham's house. According to Mrs. S, Peckham left his scientist ways and joined the clones' side about twenty years earlier, earning him a spot in Mrs. S' witness protection program. Sarah then comes face to face with Peckham himself, a skittish, slightly neurotic old man. Sarah grills him and gets a quick lowdown on everything Project LEDA. Susan and Ethan Duncan were recruited by the military to successfully clone human embryos. After being classified an ethical failure by the military, the Dyad Institute shows up to persuade the Duncans to continue their experiments, essentially taking over Project LEDA.

Peckham also admits some troubling news about Dr. Leekie. Apparently, Aldous Leekie had not only prevented Ethan and Susan from raising Rachel, but also had a hand in murdering Rachel's mother and forcing her father into hiding for the past several decades.

Villain Count: Leekie: 1, Rachel: 1, Proletheans: 1.

ob s2 ep6 peckham

Episode Six definitely took an interesting turn. Although it started out with a decent dose of fluff scenes including Alison and Vic bonding in rehab, Helena singing "Sugar, Sugar" on her road trip, and the Ukrainian's attempt at flirting, the episode switched into a heavy downpour of information about Project LEDA and Ethan Duncan. Duncan, now Andrew Peckham, has been hiding in plain sight for years from Dr. Leekie. As my earlier hope for some good in the Dyad Institute, I'd wanted Leekie to keep that white knight persona although I'm not surprised he's actually the real brains behind this operation. Since the first season, Leekie has been a good face for the Neolutionist movement. He's charming in the same way that Henrick is and he does well to play this likeability up when he needs to, but he's already had a hand in one previous murder (Olivier from season one) and nothing is ever so black and white in Orphan Black. Leekie is smart enough to play both sides, but it will be interesting to see if his compassion wavers when it comes to Cosima and her treatment.

Even more interesting is Helena's shift from seestra-cheerleader back to voluntary Prolethean. I'm not so sure anymore if we'll get that Helena-vengeance scene I mentioned earlier. I knew Sarah's stubbornness would bite her in the ass and I think this is the tipping point. Not going to reclaim Helena from the police station was a bad move on her part. I can understand Helena's shift as it's always been apparent that family is a huge deal for her and the lure of having her own child is just too much, especially when she believes her own sister doesn't care for her any longer. It's just a real shame that Sarah doesn't seem to view Helena as worthy of her time or care. Without Helena in the picture, I think Sarah's about to head to battle without a valuable asset in her corner. I'd not be surprised if it propels Sarah down a losing streak in this Dyad/Clone war.

Although there was less action in this episode, this kind of information-heavy chapter is necessary to propel the plot forward in the next few episodes. With only 10 episodes in a season, Orphan Black is steadily ramping us up for this season's final episodes where there is sure to be more bloodshed, although let's hope it comes from some retribution and not out of Cosima's lungs.

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