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Orphan Black Review: A New Clone Means Another Loose End to Tie Up this Season

Heather Barefoot | 9 Jun 2014 14:00
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Still at the Dyad, Cosima finally tells Scott that he's actually closer to his research than he thought and that she is the subject of their research. In a moving moment, and the first time in this series that I've ever gotten teary-eyed, Scott's realization flows into endearment and he admits that he is honored to be working with Cosima. Ethan Duncan and Delphine join the duo in her lab and our dream team is ready to get down to business, but Cosima's body refuses. She is jolted into shock by her illness, coughing blood from her lungs and shaking in a seizure-like manner on the floor. Her time is essentially running out, which means it looks like she might not get to cure herself after all but will must instead rely on Ethan and the team.

The last shot we have of this episode is of Kira with Ethan's copy of The Island of Doctor Moreau. As we watch Kira lip through the pages, we learn that this isn't just a well-worn book, but instead a secret notebook for Duncan. Written in the margins and black spots in the book are sketches of sequences very similar those we've seen Cosima working on in the past. Now we know that with the book in hand, Kira is as indispensable to the Dyad as ever.

I'm getting anxious for some Helena again. With the way the series is going, it makes sense that she'd be distant until the final few episodes, but we're almost there and still nothing. I've always considered Helena one of the big bosses of Orphan Black so it's fitting that the final episode should be dedicated to her, but we need to ramp up her story again. If she's to be impregnated with the modified embryos from Henrick's lab, then we need to get her some more screen time. With knowing that Sarah was a failure in regards to the barren nature of the clones, it'd be interesting to see how Helena responds in kind. Will she be able to carry a baby to full term? Will she actually voluntarily let them inseminate her or will she escape again and try her hand at procreating naturally? I'm really missing the creeptastic Proletheans and I hope we'll get more of them and Helena in the next episode.

As for the other clones, Alison continues to teeter on this line of creating messes and cleaning up messes. This time she's forced to clean up Donnie's completely idiotic attempt at covering up Leekie's murder. Really, has he never seen any crime television? The last thing I would do in his position is deposit the murder weapon back in my wife's gun locker. But who knows, perhaps Donnie is an idiot savant and that gun locker is the last place they'll ever look for Leekie's murder weapon, if anyone comes looking at all.

Meanwhile, Cosima is still the show's pet puppy. No one wants to see the scientist die and yet I have a terrible feeling she won't make it out of this season. I feel like there's so much potential within Cosima's character and instead she's been portrayed as half-damsel in distress, half-generic science geek this entire time. I hope Ethan will be able to heal her and thus give Cosima the screen time she deserves to flourish as a character, but I just don't have a good feeling about it.

The biggest issue I have with this episode is the addition of Tony. While the new clone is very likeable and, in general, would make a fantastic addition to the clone ranks, I just don't see the point of bringing in another clone simply to deliver a message about Paul and then high-tail it out of town.

If Orphan Black is renewed for a third season - which it would be a damn shame not to be - I could see some really interesting scenes happening with Tony. I'd be more than happy to see a third season revolve around Tony but I feel that Sammy's message could have been relayed via so many other sources and Tony's addition in this season is unnecessary. I don't think tossing in a character as dynamic as Tony this late in the season really gives him the respect he deserves as part of the clone group. This season should have focused on wrapping up the Cosima and Helena plots instead of dropping in other clone just to have them walk right out again. Hopefully this isn't the last we see of Tony, but it's a shame he was brought in as what feels like an afterthought.


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