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Orphan Black Review: Coming Full Circle

Heather Barefoot | 15 Jun 2014 17:40
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As if Alison and Donnie don't have it hard enough with the dead body of a prolific scientist in their garage, Vic returns to complicate matters and brings Angie Deangelis along with him. Understandably, the Hendrix's are fed up with this level of harassment and Donnie finally takes action by confronting the detective. During his "fuck you" monologue, he snaps a photo of Angie and Vic to use as blackmail should they continue their harassment. It's been nice to see Donnie's get some of his mojo back by embracing this badass father and husband role, but it's still concerning that he only got his shit together after he accidentally murdered someone.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, the Proletheans continue to redefine creepy. (Warning, these scenes are intense and include forms of non-consensual acts, so be prepared.) Remember the threat from Henrick that Gracie would carry Helena's children? Seems like they weren't bluffing after all. In a double-whammy of creepiness, Gracie confirms that Henrick, in fact, did fertilize Helenea's eggs...which just so happen to be the same eggs he inseminated his own daughter with. Helena learns from Gracie that it was always Henrick's intention to impregnate another woman with Helena's embryos, that way the Proletheans would always have access to Helena's miraculous genes. The clone decides to leave the Proletheans and, in another swift turn of events, Gracie joins her. The two attempt an escape but are confronted by Henrick, who locks Gracie away in a barn stall. Mark shows to save his intended and Helena attacks the Prolethean leader while the young couple flees the scene.

Helena finally gets her revenge on the Proletheans. She straps Henrick to a gynecologist's chair and inflicts the same torture upon him as he has done to so many women on the commune. She escapes the farm with what appears to be the rest of her embryos, just in time to watch it burn down thanks to her handiwork.

Meanwhile, all is not as it seems back at the Dyad. Delphine discovers that Benjamin, Mrs. S' henchman, has been working for the Institute all along. She rushes to tell Sarah about the turncoat, but Rachel beats her to the hospital. She infiltrates Kira's hospital room dressed as Sarah, knocks out Felix, and kidnaps Kira before taking her to an undisclosed, assumedly-Dyad location. Rachel has obviously put a lot of thought into this because the room Kira wakes up in is decked out for an eight year old girl. Kira asks about her mother and Mrs. S, but Rachel refuses to answer her pleas and instead promises that Kira "may even grow to like it here, just as [she] did".

The fact that Rachel has kidnapped Kira isn't all that surprising, but what is new is that she's seemingly planning to turn Kira into the next Rachel. Every villain needs a legacy and, as the only offspring from the clones, Rachel obviously wants Kira as her own. Now, every person in the Dyad's employ will undoubtedly be looking for Sarah, possibly even with orders to take out the mother clone, and with only a sickly clone, her doormat of a Monitor, and two geneticists on the inside, it's not looking good for Sarah and company.

What we need is Helena to come back, guns blazing, and kick Dyad square in the teeth. It's been established from the first season that Helena views Kira as a member of her own family, so when she gets wind that the miracle daughter has been taken I'm sure it won't be long before we get round two of Helena's retribution.

Overall, this show continues to please. The characterization is strong, the pacing leaves no time for fluffy wasted scenes, and Tatiana Maslany's prowess just keeps growing. This episode was a strong ramp-up for the upcoming finale and did a good job of tying up the majority of loose ends so that we can focus on what's really important in the next episode: The clones vs. Rachel.

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