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Orphan Black Review: Coming Full Circle

Heather Barefoot | 15 Jun 2014 17:40
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Episode 9 does a good job tying up loose ends as it barrels toward next week's season finale.

Here's what you missed on last week's Orphan Black:

  • We were introduced to Tony, a transgender clone with troubling information about Paul's involvement with the Dyad Institute.
  • Cosima's illness got way worse and, last we saw, she was incapacitated on the floor of her own lab.
  • We also learned from Prof. Ethan Duncan that each clone was made barren by design, minus Sarah who is actually a failure in their experiment.
helena and prolethean kids

This week's episode has a heavy dose of Helena at the Prolethean farm. It features Sarah's struggle with her daughter's involvement in Cosima's increasing ailment and also follows Donnie and Alison Hendrix as they deal with Donnie's misstep regarding Aldous Leekie. Definitely worth a watch, episode 9 ties together plenty of loose ends and simultaneously ramps up for the upcoming finale this Saturday.

Catch the season finale of Orphan Black Saturday at 9/8c on BBC America.

Now, episode 9. This episode opens up with the dark comedy-of-errors that is Donnie and Alison's attempt to transport Leekie's body from their car. After wrapping Leekie in a frilly shower curtain and securing his body with pink duct tape, they hide the body in their freezer until they can form a plan for disposal.

Helena is back with the Proletheans and is being walked through the process of her own insemination, step by step, from Henrick. It's very obvious again that Helena has zero knowledge of her own body when she asks Henrick to explain to her specific parts of her anatomy, though this lack of knowledge isn't surprising with the way she was raised.

At Dyad, Rachel and Delphine regroup on the state of Cosima's health, and it's not looking good. The growths in Cosima's uterus and lungs have spread further and are now present in her kidneys, esophagus, and epithelial tissue. Rachel continues to push Delphine to bring Kira in, both for Cosima's health and the long-term health of the other clones. Rachel promises that the promotion she's giving Delphine to director of the cloning program is not a bribe for Kira, but it's fairly clear that it is. However, it's interesting to see the different tactics Rachel uses to obtain her necessary results. She treats Delphine very differently than she did Leekie, with a more gentile nature and more outward kindness toward the scientist, and it works long enough for Delphine to head to Sarah with a plea for help. With Kira's bone marrow, they could save Cosima and buy some time to allow Ethan Duncan to begin working on a therapy of his own. Delphine tries to reason with Sarah by admitting that even she doesn't trust Rachel's intentions, and Sarah calls a clone regroup with Cosima and Alison prior to making her decision.

the clones video chat

A three-way Skype chat serves as a good refresher of what each clone is going through, from Cosima's illness to Sarah's issues with Kira to Alison's marriage concerns with Donnie. Alison uses the chat as a way to pull information on the official news of Leekie's death, which remains death by heart attack. With no mention of a murder and even less so of Donnie Hendrix's involvement, the estranged couple crafts a plan to dispose of Leekie's body for good: bury him in cement under their garage floor.

Helena gets a chance to venture into the actual society at the Prolethean commune, allowing Helena a chance to meet the children and begin forging the bonds of real familial relations. Meanwhile, Henrick pulls Mark aside for a man-to-man chat where he essentially arranges a marriage between his daughter Gracie and the glorified errand-boy.

Mrs. S comes out of the woodwork with another of her mysterious connections, this time a pediatrician who could perform the procedure to obtain Kira's bone marrow. Mrs. S and Sarah have a strange conversation with Kira where it's further shown that Sarah, although with intentions to be a good mother, gets caught up in the fear of losing her clone sister and somewhat pressures Kira's decision. Having to ask an eight year old to toughen up and give up her bone marrow through a scary procedure is a crappy situation, but again Mrs. S seems to be the only one who is really looking out for Kira's state of mind by telling Kira that she does not have to go through with it. In the end, Kira bites the bullet and agrees to the procedure, to save her "Auntie Cosima" from possible death.

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