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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 10 "Inmates"

Dan O'Halloran | 19 Feb 2014 12:00
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Tyreese and the children of the corn


Next up is Tyreese, who was last seen running after Mika and Lizzie as they fled back into the prison during the big fight instead of away. Now he is trudging through the forest not only with those two, but with baby Judith. Huzzah! The baby has survived. But it won't stop crying and attracting walkers.

Tyreese is a master at braining zombies with his hammer, but knows next to nothing about taking care of kids. And nowhere is this more apparent then when he leaves the two scared girls alone with a crying baby so he could investigate the sound of human screams in the distant. I want to say that he used the screams as an excuse to get away from the kids, whether he was conscious of that motivation or not. It allowed him to leave a situation he was in over his head with badly and run to a situation where he knew what to do.

After Tyreese takes care of the zombies feeding on a family by the railroad tracks (the ones Beth finds later), he hears a shot from the gun he left in the hands of the girls. Fortunately, someone they all know found the girls. Unfortunately for him, it's Carol, who killed his girlfriend to stop the spread of a deadly virus in the first half of the season.

The one lone survivor of the zombie attack tells them that there is a sanctuary for kids he heard about at the end of the tracks. Tyreese, Carol and the girls head down the tracks and find a sign marked Sanctuary and a map showing the convergence of train tracks on to a place marked "Terminus."

Tyreese started this episode in despair not knowing what to do with an infant and two traumatized girls and ended it with new hope after having been found by Carol and discovering a possible new sanctuary.

Does Tyreese know it was Carol who was responsible for Karen's death? He doesn't let on and only shows relief at the sight of her, probably more for having someone to talk care of the kids than from seeing the kids have survived. But Carol's secret is going to come out sooner or later and then what? Hammer time?

And let's talk about Lizzie's psychopathic tendencies. First she mutilates some rabbits by a log. Missed that? Watch again. In the first 15 minutes of the show, Beth and Daryl pass by a log with mutilated bunny carcasses. Then in the second 15 mins, Lizzie is sitting on that log next to two live rabbits playing with her knife. Then, when she tries to keep the baby from crying she clamps her hands over the infant's mouth and enjoys it so much she loses track of zombies shambling closer to eat her demented brain and her sister's desperate cries for help.

The show also suggests the question of which is better for survival: Mika running at the slightest sense of danger or Lizzie's enjoyment of inflicting suffering. This is all the more disturbing given that the debate is explored through two young girls. I sincerely hope the writers don't drop this particular thread and it has many interesting possibilities to explore as the season goes on. Do the adults protect and nurture someone who may have no empathy for other people? How much is a human life worth if that human is also a danger, even if the danger is wrapped in the face of an innocent-looking young teen?

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