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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 10 "Inmates"

Dan O'Halloran | 19 Feb 2014 12:00
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Maggie and the Magic School Bus of horror


Maggie managed to get the still-ailing Glenn on the bus during the prison attack, but wasn't on it herself when it took off. She tried to follow afterwards on foot with Sasha and Bob in tow. Now we find them regrouping by a river. Sasha tends to Bob's non-lethal gunshot wound and then realizes Maggie isn't going to stop looking for the bus. Maggie insists they don't have to join her, but there is still strength in numbers and they all hit the road.

Unfortunately for them, they do find the bus and everyone inside that was evacuated from the prison has been turned. Maggie is devastated and tells the other two that she needs to know for sure if Glenn is one of new zombies or not. Sasha is, again, not thrilled, but sees Maggie won't be dissuaded and agrees to help by holding the emergency exit door in the back of the bus to let only one out at a time. This works at first, but soon the walkers all burst out like maggots from a rotten fruit. The three make short work of the zombies and Maggie goes inside to check on the ones still inside.

She works her way to the front where she discovers a zombie face down that has Glenn's thick black hair. She kills it brutally, then slumps into a bus seat and breaks down crying. We don't see if it was Glenn or not.

We all knew Maggie was a bad ass, but in this episode she's a machine. She's Arnold-damn-Schwarzenneger in his early Terminator days and not a zombie gets by her that she doesn't kill (remember that one that got its face pounded into soup on the side of the bus by her?) She has steeled herself for the worst but hopes for the best and she spends her time on screen ping ponging between the two. At the end, we don't if she is crying tears of relief or despair after discovering the identity of the Glenn-like last zombie on the bus. I thought this entire performance was a brilliant end to this particular story segment and played expertly by actress Lauren Cohan.

So what's next for Maggie, Bob and Sasha? So far Sasha seems wary of Maggie's agenda, but is wisely staying out of her way. Bob has been backing Maggie and seems just a liiiiiitle too friendly with Sasha. With Maggie's question answered (one way or another), where do they go from here?

I'm interested to see Maggie's storyline separated from Glenn for awhile. Yes, she has had that in the past, but even then her thoughts and motivations have revolved around him. Now what does she do with herself? Will she go the way of Michonne or Rick? Yes, Rick. She clearly has leadership skills and others follow her. But we've all seen where that has gotten Sherriff Grimes...

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