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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 10 "Inmates"

Dan O'Halloran | 19 Feb 2014 16:00
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Glenn, Tara and the very, very bad day


In the fourth part of this episode's exploration of despair and hope among new pairings, we see that Glenn is alive. He had exited the bus before it left the prison when Maggie wasn't looking. He is the only one left at the prison and the yard is now infested with walkers. He raids the place for supplies, dons full riot gear and makes a break for the exit. He almost makes it when he spots Tara from the Governor's militia, sitting traumatized behind a gate watching the walkers. He hesitates, but goes back and helps her get out as well.

When they get to safety, Tara questions why he saved her since she betrayed them all. Glenn doesn't sugar coat it: he needs her help to find his beloved Maggie. He has hope.

Glenn: "Things will be alright."
Tara: "I want to believe that."
Glenn: "You have to."

Walkers attack and Glenn fights them off, but collapses after the last one falls. When Tara checks on him, a walker jumps her and she takes out all of her rage and despair on it. When it is a puddle of unidentifiable brain parts, she looks up to see three new people have arrived in an armored vehicle and they want to know she has anything of value.

Glenn had his moment of despair early in his story, while searching the prison for supplies, but after that he is determined to survive to find his wife. Tara on the other hand, goes through a bigger transformation. She starts catatonic in grief and despair, but Glenn shows her mercy and she begins to believe that there is hope. Of course, now she has to deal with the three mercenaries that just showed up.

So there you have it. Four stories of hope and despair that throws together the survivors in new configurations and finally pushes this story forward past the slow trudging march that was the first half of the season. I like the new way the characters are interacting with each other and how they are moving from mere surviving to finding reasons to live. I think the viewers needed a reason to root for these people and not just watch them stew amongst themselves. Here's hoping for more of this kind of storytelling as the season continues.

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