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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 15 "Us"

Dan O'Halloran | 26 Mar 2014 01:47
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Glenn grows up and Tara gets a pass

Since Glenn woke up after the battle of the prison, battered and alone, he has had one mission: find Maggie. And he has done everything to make that happen including recruiting Tara who was, until that point, the enemy. He also denied the obvious protection offered by Sgt. Abraham and even wouldn't take an extra day to detour around the detour because he thought Maggie was close. But for the first time in his recent storyline, he thinks of someone other than himself when Tara gets trapped and is faced with a horde of advancing walkers. Tara has become part of his family, too, and he is not going to leave her behind to be eaten by walkers.

Though it doesn't look like he can save them both, he stands his ground and starts taking out the advancing walkers with a ferocity that he usually saves for dispatching obstacles on his way to find his wife. And when it looks like he, too, will be overwhelmed by the walkers, reinforcements shows up at the last minute in the form of his wife and the people he left behind to get to her faster.

He also shows another moment of maturity when he has to introduce Maggie to Tara. Given that Tara had backed the man who beheaded Maggie's father, things could have gone very badly for her. But Glenn saw that she was a changed woman and introduced her as a survivor he had met on his way to find Maggie. The look of relief and the sense of almost-forgiveness that passed over Tara's face with that hug told you everything you needed to know.

Let's hope that Glenn's new found leadership skills don't desert him anytime soon. Though the reunited group has finally made it to the safe haven of the Terminus, I think we can all agree that unlocked gates, clean environment and free burgers for all visitors only masks an unspeakable horror that awaits us next week. Which leads me to...

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