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The Walking Dead Recap: Season 4 Episode 16 "A"

Dan O'Halloran | 2 Apr 2014 01:00
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The mystery of Terminus revealed...sorta

In case you missed it, the writers laid out a lot of clues to the true nature of cannibalistic crew that inhabit the Terminus. And I don't just mean the human skeletons stripped of muscle and the creepy candle room dedicated to it's victims.

For example, early in the episode Rick, Carl and Michonne talk a lot about how hungry they are and Michonne remarks that she wishes for a time when she wasn't so hungry. The Terminus folks likely felt the same way and found a solution, eh?

Also, Rick shows Carl how to set a rabbit trap. Create a trail the rabbit has to follow and then set a snare at the end of it. Which is exactly what the Terminus folks have down with their maps and later when using gunfire to herd Rick's group to the boxcar they want to trap them in until they are ready for the slaughter.

Do we know for sure the Terminus group are cannibals? No one has stated it outright, but between the Tasha Yar welcome wagon BBQ, the stripped human skeletons and the memorial room, all signs point to yes. Robert Kirkman hinted in an interview earlier this week that the real mystery is how they got that way and promised it will be revealed early on in the new season.

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