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True Blood Review: The Kills Continue with Another Goodbye

Heather Barefoot | 7 Jul 2014 08:00
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The Return of Sarah Newlin
She's back! Sarah Newlin reappears at a yoga institute in an undisclosed location. Answering to the name Noomi, Sarah has crafted a white-lie version of her backstory, which basically leaves out the fact that she's Sarah freaking Newlin, and has entered into a relationship with the guru of the institute.

Unfortunately, that doesn't last long. A modern version of the same assassin group that attacked Eric back in 1986 has tracked Sarah to the institute. After casually murdering the guru, they continue with their hunt for Sarah. If anyone is a survivor in True Blood, it's Sarah Newlin. She's a character that I love to hate and I am happy to have her back in this season. I'm hopeful her demise will be something worthy of the villain she is, though with the plethora of casual deaths in this season I'm not holding my breath.

Lafayette and James Ride the Wave
It's been far too long since we've gotten to see a Lafayette dance sequence, though thankfully that's remedied in this episode. Lala breaks it down for a good long while before answering the door to find James. Upon hearing of James' issues with his relationship with Jessica, Lafayette offers to concoct a prescription pill cocktail and let James feed off of him, allowing both of them to experience the high. Lafayette ends up calling James out on the flirtatious vibes he's feeling from the vampire and while James confirms he's into Lafayette, he sticks true to his relationship with Jessica.

Let's be real, though; that's not going to last long. Jessica and James haven't physically been in one scene together this entire season and basically all the screen time Lafayette and James have gotten has been in Lala's trailer. The two feel like kindred spirits and with a chemistry that palpable, we're definitely in for some sort of hookup between the two.


Sookie's Hair-brained Schemes
Along with Bill Compton's help, Sookie forges a plan to destroy the infected vampires. Acting as bait, Sookie will lure the vampires to her, trusting that they will take her to their human holding pen. Once there, Bill will be able to track her thanks to that handy vampire homing ability that comes from a human drinking a vampire's blood. Bill and his reinforcements will then save Sookie and any other Bon Temps residences held hostage by the infected vamps.

What's most interesting about this plan is that Sookie needs to drink Bill's blood again in order for him to be able to successfully track her. He explains that back at Vamp Camp in season six, the act of feeding each vampire his blood left him completely drained. That plus the fact that he feels he is no longer the same Bill Compton that Sookie drank from originally has somehow made it possible for him not to feel Sookie's presence any longer. It's an interesting concept that Bill has a semi-clean slate again. He still has to live with his terrible wrongdoings, but he's clean enough that he's unable to track Sookie without her feeding from him again.

Sookie's plan, like so many of her plans before, backfires. The infected vamps find Sookie and Bill just in time to attack them both. Lucky for her, Andy, Jason, Jessica, Violet, Sam, and Alcide all arrive in the knick of time to wage war with the vampires. Our heroes manage to take out the infected vampires, but the victory comes at a price. Alcide is shot twice, once in the chest and once in the head, and he's fading fast. This episode ends with Sookie choosing not to recruit any help from Violet, Jessica, or Bill to turn Alcide, but instead to let him die.

As sad as I am to see Alcide go, I think Sookie made the right choice. Not only does Alcide as a vampire just not work, but I can't believe that a proud ex-alpha wolf would appreciate being turned. The real shame is that I feel like Alcide's death was really just an excuse for Sookie to run back to Bill, without having to break up with Alcide in the process. There's no possible way she's not ending this season in Bill Compton's arms, but it's a real shame that Alcide has to go out like that. Alcide's death feels about as impactful as Tara's did and while I selfishly found myself hoping for more pomp and circumstance, this unceremonious death is sort of the point.

Death has always played a heavy role in True Blood but this season seems extremely merciless. From Lafayette dealing with Tara's death to Sookie's choice to let Alcide pass, one of the major points in this season is how fleeting life is and the effects it has -- or doesn't have -- on those left behind. This episode had a particularly heavy hand in the anticlimactic role of death. It's a sad realization that life just goes on, as it has for everyone in Bon Temps after Tara's death, and as it will for everyone after Alcide's. I just feel that these characters deserved stronger outs. But hey, it's the final season and to borrow from Game of Thrones, all men must die, right?

Episode three had all the makings of a good episode. Extended 80's flashback, awesome Lafayette dance scene, senseless violence...but collectively, it just didn't amount to anything. The pacing inched along until the final scene and then sped up to take out Alcide in the last five minutes. All in all, the season has been unimpressive, but I still have hope that with Eric's return will breathe some much-needed life into this curtain call.

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