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True Blood Review: Vampires Aren't the Only Ones Biding Time

Heather Barefoot | 4 Aug 2014 12:00
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sookie and bill

The OTP is back.
At the Compton residence, Sookie and Jessica have sequestered themselves with an increasingly-ill Bill. Sookie latches on pretty quickly to the fact that not only did she infect Bill with Hep-V; it's her faerie blood that's making his infection spread so rapidly. Bill seems resigned to his death, but of course Sookie isn't so accepting. Instead she's intent on finding a miracle for Bill.

Yet again we spend a decent amount of time in Bill's flashbacks, this time to 1855. Like Eric's flashbacks earlier this season, these are pretty to watch with beautiful costumes, but unlike Eric's, these aren't necessary for the overall plot. They essentially feel like filler, which unfortunately is a sentiment for the episode, and the season, overall.

While Bill sleeps, Sookie decides to call on a blast from the past for help: Dr. Ludwig, who helped Sookie after she was attacked by Maryann the Maenad in season 2, is called in for assistance. The good doctor informs Sookie that she's seen faerie blood escalate Hep-V before, but she's never seen it work as quickly as it has on Bill. Come to find out, Sookie's potent royal faerie blood is the cause of Bill's escalating illness.

Desperate, Sookie calls upon her great-times-a-thousand grandfather Niall for help but per usual, he's not very helpful. Instead of doing anything of worth, he decides to give Sookie a life lesson about magic. According to him, the ordinary things in life, including birth and death, are magical but apparently no magic can help Bill's predicament. I'm not all that surprised by Niall's parenting skills since he hasn't really been a great mentor to the Stackhouse kids before, either.

But never fear, Bill and Sookie fans. Even though it doesn't look good for Bill, you can finally get your fix of the OTP. Sookie throws on her best white sundress and bounces her way over to Bill's house where she informs him that she's sticking with him through his illness. Then they have sex for the first (and possibly last) time this season.

Eric and Pam Continue the Hunt.
Pam, Eric, and Mr. Gus Jr. find Sarah's sister Amber at her Texas home, fully healed of Hep-V. Unfortunately for Amber, she refuses to give over any information on her sister's location, In a fit of rage, Eric stakes Amber into a bloody mess, thus eliminating contact with the one person who had any information on Sarah's whereabouts. Smooth move, Eric.

Ever the businessman, Mr. Gus Jr. offers Eric a new proposition. After the capture of Sarah Newlin, Yakonomo Corp. plans to synthesize her miracle blood and distribute it across the globe as New Blood. Naturally, he wants Eric to serve as the spokesperson for his miracle cure, and Eric reluctantly agrees. Although it's a pretty obvious plot point, I can live with it as it will ultimately bring us closer to the end goal of Sarah Newlin's capture.

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