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True Blood Review: We Didn't See That One Coming

Heather Barefoot | 11 Aug 2014 08:00
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Eric, Pam and New Blood.
Finally Pam and Eric come face to face with Sarah Newlin. She babbles on about being the messiah for a while before Eric digs his teeth into her and drinks her blood, instantly curing him of Hep-V.

Back at Fangtasia, Mr. Gus informs Pam and Eric that the whole point of New Blood, the product they're creating from Sarah Newlin's antidote blood, is to be a "healthy habit, not a cure" for Hep-V. This will ensure long-lasting profitability for Yakonomo Corp, as all Hep-V vampires would have to continually purchase New Blood just to stay alive.

Despite an order to tell no one of the cure, Eric decides to seek out Sookie to let her know that he's fully healed. She immediately pleads with Eric to provide the antidote for Bill and Eric promises to return the next night with something, but doesn't explain what.

Not taking no for an answer is Sookie's specialty. She drives straight to Fangtasia and finds herself surrounded by Yakuza. Eric tries to downplay Sookie's significance to Mr. Gus by calling her a simple fangbanger, but he's not buying it. Eric does manage to convince Mr. Gus to let him glamour Sookie instead of killing her on sight. While Sookie plays along, she picks up some interesting intel from Mr. Gus' thoughts, which leads her right to Fangtasia's basement and Sarah Newlin herself.

Using her faerie powers, Sookie probes Sarah's mind and finds out that she's face to face with the cure itself. Wasting no time, she gathers Bill and Jessica, taking them to Fangtasia where Pam and Eric have a similar plan to get Sarah Newlin's blood to Bill. Unbeknownst to them, Bill has other ideas and the episode ends with him refusing to drink Sarah's blood and cure himself of Hep-V.

It seems like Bill's resigned to his mortality now and I don't know if I can blame him. He's been alive for a really, really long time and has seen his share of pain and suffering. I'm sure plenty of people would prefer to see him stay alive long enough to wait out Sookie's lifespan, or even change her and live happily ever after in his giant manor, but I can see Bill's perspective on this. Despite the fact that his extended lifespan has let him see much more than anyone could dream of, Bill never wanted to be a vampire and I can only assume he's exhausted with the life he has now. He's been through several wars and I don't see him wanting to rebuild the ruins left over from the Hep-V battlefield.

In general, this episode was decent. It's nice to see Hoyt play such a big role again and thankfully Lettie Mae got some closure, but otherwise the episode was just ok. The good news? We're only two away from the end of the season, so hang in there for just a couple more Sundays.

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