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True Blood Review: The End Has Finally Come

Heather Barefoot | 25 Aug 2014 08:00
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sookie and bill

Sookie has a flashback that makes up for some of the overt sexism that just happened. She remembers a simpler time back when her grandmother was alive. After realizing that she may never have a family thanks to those special faerie powers of hers getting in the way, her grandmother nips that quick thinking right in the bud. She promises that Sookie can do anything she sets her mind to and that she has no limits unless she puts them on herself. Thanks, Gran! Finally someone's got the right thinking! It's just too bad all the good ones are already dead.

Meanwhile, Hoyt and Jessica head home for Jessica to say her peace to her maker, but Bill just keeps digging that sexist hole deeper. He asks Hoyt point blank if he's considering marrying Jessica some day, on the grounds that because he never saw his human daughter get married, he figured it was just fine for him to exert his will and make sure his progeny was "spoken for" when he was gone. Jessica falls for this crap hook-line-and-sinker and the two plan up a hasty, guilt-ridden wedding that would not have happened if Bill wasn't such a jerk.

It doesn't take long before Sookie and Jason are roped into this wedding madness at the Compton residence along with Andy Bellefleur, Arlene, and Holly. During the wedding, it's obvious that Jessica and Hoyt are nervous about making this huge life decision, but they go along with it anyway to pacify Bill. Another one bites the dust.

One thing Bill is good for is getting his affairs in order, which includes informing Andy that he's passed the Compton residence (because of legal reasons) to him instead of Jessica, and asking the sheriff to be a very gracious landlord to Jessica and Hoyt after Bill's death. Doesn't make up for him being a misogynistic jerk, but is still a nice gesture.

In the weirdest turn of events, Sookie overhears Bill's thoughts. That's right, Bill's thoughts. You know that whole thing where she couldn't hear a vampire's thoughts? Well apparently she can hear Bill's during the wedding vows of Jessica and Hoyt. Pair that with the fact that Bill mentioned Hep-V was "making him feel more human than he ever felt before" and... oh, you thought this was going to be elaborated on? Sorry. It's never explained or brought up again.

Sookie calls Bill for their date with death later that night in the cemetery. We get one long look through the murky, hazy Bon Temps cemetery (a favorite setting of mine) before Bill arrives at his newly-dug grave. There's something really strange, and darkly fascinating, about watching a person deposit themselves in their own coffin. Once Bill is settled, Sookie pumps up her light ball, but just before she unleashes it she has a change of heart (YES!). She instead puts a stake in the ground (heh) over killing him with her fae-powers, as those powers are a part of her that she will not give up to anyone, period.

With the broken-handle of a shovel, Sookie gives Bill the true death and ends his misogynistic nature once and for all. He dies in that same goopy vampire way as they all do and throughout Sookie's sob-scene, all I can think about is how many gallons of water she's had to use over the years to clean up herself and her house.

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