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True Blood Review: The End Has Finally Come

Heather Barefoot | 25 Aug 2014 12:00
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The New Owners of New Blood.
At Fangtasia, Eric crafts a plan to steal New Blood back from Mr. Gus. He releases Sarah Newlin and calls for help from Mr. Gus, whom he in turn murders in a blaze of fire. It's nice to see Eric back in charge again instead of just playing 'yes boy' to some highfalutin human.

Sarah, ever-true to her survivalist nature, pleads with Pam to turn her into a vampire. Her logic goes a little something like this: She realizes she's a terrible person. Because she's person, that means she'd make a great vampire. Pam was already not buying it when Sarah made the mistake of likening herself to Tara and I know the only reason Pam didn't snap her neck on sight was because of Sarah's value as the antidote. Instead she drinks heavily from Sarah's blood to ensure she'll always be immune to Hep-V. Never let anyone say that Pamela Swynford De Beaufort isn't a genius.

Life Goes On.
Thankfully, life does go on without Bill Compton. Eric and Pam take back New Blood and become the faces of a huge vampire-lifestyle corporation. Flash forward three years and we get a glimpse of the new Bon Temps; a happy place without the fear of infected vampire raids.

At Fangtasia, Sarah Newlin is a star in her new role. A couple episodes back, Pam mentioned her plan for Sarah: to sell her out as a high-priced call-girl for vampires who could afford the full cure, and at $100,000 for a minute with Ms. Newlin, I'd say she's done just that. Not only is Sarah being punished physically for her misdeeds, she's actually punishing herself mentally. With a diminishing state of mind, she continually sees her ex-husband Steve Newlin, who plans to haunt her "every day for the rest of her life". Fitting retribution for all the horrible acts Sarah has done? Maybe. She was one of the only bright spots in this season and I'm glad she made it all the way through without dying, although I can't say that I'd think staying alive was such a gift, if I were in her shoes.

The very last of scene of True Blood is sweet. All of our remaining favorites from Bon Temps have gathered at Sookie's house for a beautiful Thanksgiving meal. There's an extended camera shot that shows each of our favorite couples still going strong three years in. (P.S. Arlene and Keith are still a thing! Finally some stability!) We never do get a good glimpse of Sookie's baby-daddy, but form the back he looks like a normal, everyday human and that's really the point. After all this, Sookie would very likely shack up with Mr. All-American and settle down to live a normal-ish life.

This season has had its ups (which have been few and far between), and its downs (which have definitely outweighed those ups), but the moral here is that even when times are tough, life goes on. It's a simple, sweet sentiment that I actually really like as the farewell to the fans but I won't lie, though. This season felt like such a different show from what I loved about True Blood that I feel a strong desire to go back and watch the first three seasons just to get my fill of the camp. It's a few seasons too late, but farewell, True Blood. Thanks for the memories.

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