The 7 Old Dungeons & Dragons Adventures That Should Get Remade

Jonathan Bolding | 24 Jun 2014 15:45
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Vecna Lives!

vecna lives!

The disembodied Hand and Eye of Vecna are hands down some of the most iconic artifacts in Dungeons & Dragons history. Granting power to you if you carve off your own body part and replace them with the Lich-God's castoffs, they're so powerful that they rarely saw play in the game as anything other than a plot device. Enter Vecna Lives, an adventure for very high level characters in second edition that opens with an elaborate cutscene, if you will. The players are given the character sheets for the Circle of Eight, the most powerful wizards in the world. Then Vecna returns from the dead (Again? This guy is a Lich already, so I dunno what the proper terminology is on that - but you understand) and kills them all.

Let me restate that: The first thing that happens in this game is that you kill the eight most powerful people in the world. Then the PCs have to fix it all. It's one of the finest examples of the kind of high-stakes adventures that have always best defined high level D&D play, where failure by the players means the complete undoing of all that is good and just in reality. The adventure itself is fairly standard - though remarkably episodic for its time period, dealing with a romping journey through the whole of the world and planes beyond. It's very much adventure fiction, but interspersed with an desperate, survival-horror feel as the players are stalked by the returned demi-god lich and his undead minions. This is the kind of epic storyline play that Wizards of the Coast is hard selling with the new edition, and this is the kind of story they should use for it.

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