The 7 Old Dungeons & Dragons Adventures That Should Get Remade

Jonathan Bolding | 24 Jun 2014 19:45
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The Temple of Elemental Evil

t1-4 temple of elemental evil

Kicking off with The Village of Hommlet, one of the best introductory adventures of all time, and including more "but wait, they weren't the true villains at all!" moments than anything else you'd ever want, there's a reason that The Temple of Elemental Evil has been visited, remade, returned to, and made into a video game. Elemental Evil is a perfect module for kicking off a long adventure series, with a ramping up from small town-and-dungeon setup to the larger, more dangerous temple itself. As the danger behind the temple is revealed to be not just evil elemental lords, but an evil goddess, the stakes get higher and higher. Thankfully, the plot is well timed with the levels of the dungeon, giving a kind of flexible, level-based narrative that allows players to explore at their own stakes.

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