The 7 Old Dungeons & Dragons Adventures That Should Get Remade

Jonathan Bolding | 24 Jun 2014 15:45
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Expedition to the Barrier Peaks

s3 expedition to the barrier peaks

What starts off as a routine expedition to discover the source of disturbances and reports of large metal monsters ends as a gonzo journey through the inside of a futuristic space ship crashed into a mountain. Remarkably, the science fiction elements like colored keycards and laser pistols fit quite well into the world of D&D - what's a laser pistol if not a Wand of Scorching Ray with a handle? The whole thing is a weird exploration-driven romp through a spaceship, though it has a quite weak ending as originally written. Given some rewriting and expanding, Barrier Peaks could be a really great adventure to remind players of the new edition that D&D doesn't have to be all serious all the time. Besides, it has vegepygmies. Who doesn't love vegepygmies?

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