The 7 Old Dungeons & Dragons Adventures That Should Get Remade

Jonathan Bolding | 24 Jun 2014 19:45
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Queen of the Spiders

This is it. This is the grandparent, the big ancestor, of the giant cross-media events that D&D hinges on now. From the humble beginning fighting giants to uncovering a kingdom-spanning plot headed up by the demon queen of spiders, the "GDQ" series, as its come to be called, has some of the most famous adventures in D&D's history in it. Kicking off with the Against the Giants modules, where the players fight enemies that both outsize and outnumber them, and striding forward into the Underdark to cleanse entire cities of Dark Elves, these adventures present some of the most classic kinds of gameplay that D&D has to offer. Slowly uncovering the specifics of Lolth's dark elves and their involvement, then taking the fight to the very heart of the abyss, was an experience that many will never forget - and a new generation of players deserves it too.

Want to go for the bonus points? There's a semi-canonical historical effort that makes Temple of Elemental Evil the kickoff to this campaign. Go all in, and that's a hell of a super-adventure waiting to happen.

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