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Dungeon World: Crypts of the Carrion King

Chris Brackett | 21 Jan 2010 21:00
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The eastern door has no handle or lock, nor are any hinges evident. It has a variation of anti-magic shell cast upon it, making it impervious to spells and other magic. The only way to open it is to pull the lever in sarcophagus 5 (and pushing the lever down is the only way to close it). When the door opens, it slides silently into the floor - and allows the unit of undead (24 skeletons and 6 mummies) crammed into the passageway beyond to enter the room. They defend the door, attempting until they or their enemies are destroyed, to prevent any from passing.

3 - Throne Room of the Carrion King

This room is architecturally the same as the previous rooms, but its north, east, and south walls are adorned by ornate and disturbingly beautiful tapestries depicting an army of the dead rising from a fiery chasm and destroying an army of humans and elves clad in shining gold and silver armor. Rising behind the army is a man in dark robes - characters may recognize it as the likeness of the Dead God, Califrax. The tapestries' colors are impossibly bright and vibrant, and at close inspection it will appear that they are quite valuable. (Although they will crumble if the Carrion King is destroyed.)

A 2'-high, stepped red marble dais occupies the center of the room, upon which rests a throne of gilded bones. On the throne sits the Carrion King, a mummified figure with burning eyes, clad in heavy, expensive-looking (but worn and dusty) wizard's robes and wearing a variety of jewelry. He is a 21st level lich, and has on his person 2d8 magic items. He will not move or acknowledge the party unless attacked, waiting instead for them to set foot on the dais.

As soon as a character steps on the dais, the images on the tapestries begin to move and spectral figures step from them into the room. They become solid, appearing as white-haired, skeletal warriors in black armor; their appearance leaves the tapestries appearing dull and worm-eaten. These are reveners (specters instead, if you do not have their stats), two for each character in the room. These guardians will attack any intruders (and pursue them all the way to the mausoleum, if need be) until they are destroyed or driven off. If the Carrion King is destroyed or the characters driven off, these guardians return to their places in the tapestries (which return to their prior glory).

Once the guardians appear, the Carrion King will attack from his dais. (If the characters threaten the King but do not step on the dais, he will summon the guardians from the tapestries.) He will defend his throne to the (final) death (but will not leave the dais willingly). If his doom appears imminent, he will attempt to destroy the hoard hidden beneath the dais (see below).

If the throne is searched thoroughly, a bony lever will be found at its back. The lever is locked, with a small keyhole at its base. It can be picked, but at ΒΌ the normal chance of success. (Attempting to force it may work - but has a 75% chance of destroying the mechanism.) They key to the lock is inside the King's chest cavity, in a small, heavy leather pouch where his heart should be. Once unlocked, the lever can be turned, which causes the central portion of the dais to rise 4', exposing a shelved interior containing the King's treasure hoard:

A large, iron lockbox, trapped with a poison needle (save v. poison or die), contains the King's spell book. (DM's discretion as to spell contents, but it contains not only spells but experimentation notes, personal anecdotes, etc.)

A medium, iron lockbox, trapped as above, contains treasure of Types N and O (do not roll for chance of treasure - it automatically exists).

A medium, iron lockbox, trapped as above, contains 50,000gp in gems.

2d8 random magic items, scattered loose about the shelves.

A small, dilapidated leather pouch containing seven faceted, obsidian stones, each the size of a human eyeball. Three of these are cubes; the others have a varying number of facets. Each facet bears a High Eggian rune. The stones do not radiate magic, and have a market value of 100gp each. (In the King's spell book, in Low Eggian, is an account of these "Stones of Wonder and Woe" being given to the King by Califrax in the distant past. He was told by the Dead God that they had served him well, and it was time they found service under another master. He was never told what their purpose was, however.)

The map of the dungeon can be found here, and this dungeon can be downloaded in .PDF form here.

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