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Dungeon World: Flora & Fauna, Part 1

Chris Brackett | 1 Apr 2010 21:00
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The plants and creatures of Dungeon World are a diverse mix of those natural to our own world, those found in fiction, mythology, and legend, and those that are unique to Dungeon World itself. Here we have a trio of creatures indigenous to Dungeon World, each deadlier and weirder than the one before it...

Slime Flies (Insect Swarm)

Armor Class:4Morale:11
No. Appearing:1 swarm (1-3 swarms)Attacks:1 swarm
Hit Dice:4Treasure Type:Nil
Save As:Normal ManDamage:see below
Move:30' (10') Flying: 60' (20')Alignment:Neutral


Slime flies are large (1-inch or so) insects that are always found near a green slime patch, in swarms of 100 or so (enough to fill a 10' x 10' area). They have a symbiotic relationship with the slime: the flies ingest the slime (to which they are immune), which they use to digest their food by regurgitating it onto its surface. They gain nourishment by feeding on matter as it dissolves into green slime. Once it has finished feeding (after any food sources have been completely turned into green slime) the swarm flies off to the shadows to lay its eggs. Whatever remains of its food source may be absorbed into the host green slime patch. A slime fly swarm attacks all creatures within it, just as a standard insect swarm, but instead of doing damage its attacks have a 50% chance of having the same effect as being struck by green slime. If a slime fly swarm is reduced to half its hit points or less, it breaks from combat and retreats to safety. Otherwise, a slime fly swarm is treated the same as any other insect swarm.

Dungeon World scientists believe that slime flies are the result of natural changes to an existing fly population, and not some sort of magical or otherwise artificial creation.

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