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Dungeon World: Flora & Fauna, Part 1

Chris Brackett | 1 Apr 2010 21:00
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The plants and creatures of Dungeon World are a diverse mix of those natural to our own world, those found in fiction, mythology, and legend, and those that are unique to Dungeon World itself. Here we have a trio of creatures indigenous to Dungeon World, each deadlier and weirder than the one before it...

Wicked Tongue

Armor Class:7Morale:8
No. Appearing:1 (1)Attacks:1 knock-down or 2 licks
Hit Dice:6Treasure Type:Nil
Save As:Fighter 3Damage:see below
Move:60' (20')Alignment:Neutral


Some of Dungeon World's most bizarre entities, wicked tongues are almost certainly magical constructs. No one knows for sure how they are created, but legend has it that they are the result of failed or rogue magic mouth spells. Others claim that they are the result of curses bestowed upon liars and gossips - curses that slowly and painfully transmute the victims' tongues into giant monsters.

Regardless of their origin, wicked tongues are capricious and dangerous creatures. They roam ancient ruins, licking every surface they encounter. When they find a particularly tasty morsel, they lick - and lick and lick and lick. Being that they are the size of a large dog or a halfling and have very rough "skin," such behavior often proves fatal to their unfortunate victims. A wicked tongue will attempt to first immobilize its target to better lick it; if an attack succeeds against a mobile target, it takes no damage but must save vs. Dragon Breath or be knocked down. The attacking tongue will immediately climb onto the fallen victim to immobilize him, and on the next and subsequent rounds all attacks are licks (two per round, each at +4 to hit), each doing 1d4 damage. Wicked tongues are immune to sleep and charm spells, but must make a morale check if exposed to a significant amount (an oil flask or more) of any particularly foul-tasting or excessively spicy substance.

This mini-monster-manual can be downloaded in .PDF form here.

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