Top 10 Cards in Standard

Justin Clouse | 28 Mar 2014 20:00
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1. Mutavault - 120

Which finally leads us to the end, and the most heavily played spell in the current Standard format: Mutavault. Mutavault has been perhaps one of the most subtle format warping cards, while Thoughtseize is not the most distant second Mutavault is outpacing every other card by a fair margin. Certainly a lot of that has to do with the simple nature of a colorless land, it can in theory be played in a deck running any color - though granted once you start discussing triple color decks Mutavault gets to be a little too greedy to include. So what makes Mutavault so good? Other than Pack Rat and Master of Waves there aren't a ton of other relevant tribal considerations. Grizzly Bears with upkeep isn't exactly lighting up the world either. In truth there isn't any one thing that propelling it, it's a mountain of little interactions and the effect Mutavault has on your consistency as a whole. Mutavault is essentially ½ a land and ½ a spell. This means you're free to run a more comfortable number of lands without the risk of necessarily flooding out. It's a land when you need the land and another creature when you need a creature, and it also does a pretty good job of pressuring your opponent and avoiding playing into sorcery speed sweepers like Supreme Verdict. All while letting you use your mana efficiently each turn, got 2 mana open that you won't use and think the cost is clear? Get in for 2 with Mutavault. This all comes at the simple cost of including a few lands in your list that don't make colored mana, and with enough other dual lands in the format to ensure you hit your recommended color sources its inclusion is essentially free for many decks.

Whether your a competitive grinder, rogue deck brewer or kitchen table casual, I hope this look into the top played cards of Standard was interesting. We've got a few more weeks of the current metagame, but Journey to Nyx is only a few more weeks away, promising the last 2 gods and scrylands for UR and GB. What else are you hoping to see in Journey to Nyx? Sound off in the comments to let us know.

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