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Joshua Vanderwall | 25 Apr 2012 16:00
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On my final turn, I missed again with Mayael's ability, shifting three ramp spells and a couple of lands to the bottom of my deck. I strongly considered swinging at Kross with Vengeful Archon, but even with the 10 potential damage from Slycne on the next turn, this wasn't quite enough to take him out, so I opted to stay on defense for the time being. Giving Kross some respite, Slycne decided to swing at me with the Guardian for 10. Given my only defender was mono-colored, I chose to prevent 2 of that damage with Vengeful Archon's ability, leaving me at 23 life. In celebration of Kross' birthday, I chose to deal the 2 damage to him instead of my aggressor. This was my last mistake of the game. Kross was up next, and did not take his birthday damage gracefully. He swung big with several buffed Elf tokens and a variety of others for more than 40 damage overall. S0osleepie stepped in, taking out the Imperious Perfect and an Elf token, but even with the assist, I was taking lethal damage. With my departure went the Pacifism that was keeping Trujkin's Kresh in check, but with nothing in hand to give him Trample, the 28/28 monster was held at bay by chump blockers. Mayan took a swing at Kross with her fliers, bringing him to the teens and passed the turn over to S0osleepie. At last, Slivers saw their opportunity to strike. Dropping Two-Headed Sliver from her hand, S0osleepie took out one of Kross' two remaining blockers with a Psionic Sliver ping leaving him completely defenseless to the Sliver onslaught. Using Birthing Pod again, she fetched up a Brood Sliver and swung at Kross for lethal damage between four creatures, netting four more Slivers for the cause. Given the current board state, it seemed pretty clear that Slivers were in charge here, but nobody was ready to give up.

Lacking a flying defense, and having drawn some aggro for being an early aggressor, Slycne was next to get knocked out. Between Hornet Queen from Mayan, and the now-flying Sliver horde, thanks to Winged Sliver from S0osleepie, Slycne didn't have any way to weather the storm. At this point Kresh was well into the 30s, more than enough for lethal Commander damage, but Trujkin had still not drawn into any Trample effects, and he was soon undone by the ladies at the table. With enough Slivers in play now to represent lethal damage from Psionic Sliver's granted ability, Mayan and S0osleepie took the high road and called it a collaborative win. It was a hard-fought battle around the table, and the winners deserved every bit of glory for the victory!

This was a particularly exciting game for me because four of the six decks being played were of my own design. S0osleepie created her Sliver concoction, and Mayan was playing the pre-made Counterpunch deck, but all of the gentlemen at the table were wielding weapons of my forging, and it was thrilling to see them all play out as well as they did. I've decided to make a few tweaks here and there in some of the decks, but overall I was really pleased with how they played and I can't wait for another opportunity to see them all in action again. Specifically, I need to up the big creature count in Mayael's brew, since I missed on all but one of her activations. Kresh needs more Trample, specifically I need more ways to search for Kessig Wolf Run. Finally, Rafiq needs some extra flying and general defense for larger games, since Exalted creatures are generally weak when it comes to blocking, and Rafiq thrives in smaller, faster games.



Q: My opponent controls Coffin Queen and Bone Dancer. I control two Spirit tokens from Midnight Haunting. My opponent activates Coffin Queen, targeting Fleshbag Marauder in his Graveyard. In response, I Vapor Snag Coffin Queen. What happens in this case, and what is the correct play to clear my opponent's board?

A: Because of the wording of Coffin Queen, this case works much like the Fiend Hunter trick. By triggering her Exile ability before the creature was put onto the Battlefield, you have actually made the Fleshbag Marauder stay in play indefinitely. This is most likely not what you're trying to do. In order to clear the opponent's board, the correct play is to allow Coffin Queen's ability to resolve, bringing Fleshbag Marauder into play. When Marauder's Enters the Battlefield ability triggers and is put onto the Stack, it is time to Vapor Snag Coffin Queen. Now her ability triggers and resolves, exiling the Marauder. Finally, the Marauder's ability resolves, forcing the opponent to sacrifice Bone Dancer, and forcing you to sacrifice a Spirit token. This leaves them with no creatures in play, and you with a single Spirit token.

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