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Let's Play Twilight Imperium 1: New Orders Rise To Power

Paul Goodman | 3 Sep 2014 16:15
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Rounds 1 - 3 - Growing Pains

The first round of the game was simple, with players taking the first few steps out into a mysterious galaxy that had treasures and dangers around every comet. There was much posturing for control, successful (and failed) colonizations, but little surprisingly, little conflict between players.


King Paul of the Xxcha Says: The Xxcha have to accept that the random nature of the universe has given us a poor hand; with an ion storm and impassable supernovas blockading us on one side of our homeworlds, our options for expansion are limited, and only in the direction of our nearest neighbors, the militaristic Federation of Sol. The planets near us are poor in resources, but not uncolonizable, and despite encounters with a few foolhardy pirates, we have managed to obtain a respectable sphere of influence in our portion of the galaxy and have built up our fleets.

But as even as we draw up our plans for expansion, the galaxy is most certainly heading towards strife. Many of the galactic races have taken significant loans from the Yin to advance their own empires, but despite building a grand army and having proximity to many undefended worlds at her fingertips; my advisors highly doubt the Yin's High Priestess will claim them as collateral if anyone fails to make repayments. Our only trading partners, the Mindnet, are encroaching upon the Jol-Nar, and the Federation of Sol appears to be advancing uncontested towards Mecatol Rex.

However, the largest issue facing the Xxcha now is our marginalization. We are not taken seriously during the meetings of the Galactic Assembly, and despite offering ample opportunities for trade, we have been all but shut out of the galactic economy. It is apparent that drastic actions must be taken to ensure that the Xxcha Kingdom will be taken seriously on the stage of galactic history, even if it may cost us greatly. For the Xxcha would choose to burn twice as bright for half as long, rather than slowly fade away, forgotten.

Chancellor Greg of Jol-Nar says: The sun has risen again without a sliver of sleep. Jol slumbers but I think still. My research must continue on the vagaries of the tools of sarween if our institution is to survive in this galaxy. As Academician of the University of Jol-Nar, my priority must be in learning the secrets of the universe. The other petty and warlike cultures will bicker over this planet or that - our goal is the eradication of ignorance. Only through penitent devotion to scientific method and research will we succeed.
A voice vibrates within the glass chamber in which my mind resides. "Teacher?"


"The expedition to Mecatol Rex was successful and they are sending back information on a large number of nearby systems. The planets are yet to be explored, but several of them appear to have ruins of ancient civilizations which may aid in our research."

I immediately make a rash decision. "Send out the fleets to occupy these systems. Bring back the specimens immediately." This could be wonderful fortune and expand our research threefold. We will need resources to construct more research facilities. I will reach out to the other races to open up trade with them immediately - it is the fastest way.

I hope my greed for knowledge is not our undoing.


First Round:

The dreadnaught fleet discovered wonders on El'Nath beyond anything our young nymphs could imagine. A glorious ship was resurrected and placed in gentle orbit - a cruiser to supplement the Fleet of the Academy. As well, we uncovered incredibly advanced prototypes which we can apply towards research on new star drives and interstellar engines.
Initial trade negotiations also went extremely well. I met via videography with the leader of the Yin Brotherhood and she agreed to send a trade fleet to the University. The terrans of Sol were also agreeable and will bestow the riches of their numerous race to our sector momentarily. I also bought some time with the analytical yet aggressive algorithm L1z1x - we've agreed to not pass the large asteroid field between our two systems. It will be a border for now.

The systems nearby will need settlers to occupy them once the fleet enters their orbit, so I've ordered a mass conscription. The armies of Jol-Nar ... such a phrase feels truly alien on my thin lips. Still, if our research is to continue we need to explore our surroundings lest we become a whisper of a subjugated race.

Our goal is already coming to fruition. Several scientist teams presented their findings to me this morning which we can immediately apply to the incoming resources via trade to increase their value. Micro technology and Nano technology are fascinating breakthroughs which will further support more research. Soon, the University of Jol'Nar will be the repository for all knowledge in the universe.
But I must not let that become a pretense for the Mindnet to invade our neural nets.

Second and Third Rounds:
The fleets have become stymied in their exploration. Many of the surrounding systems presented unique dangers which resulted in the loss of extremely valuable ground forces. We of the Universities do not create armies lightly, and to have them succumb to the radioactive fallout of Lesab was a blow. Still our fleets secured the planet and have begun spooling up the production of a space dock.

But disaster has struck. A sizeable fleet from the L1z1x Mindnet has landed on the planet we both agreed to avoid. If unchecked, the algorithm could invade the Universities of Jol-Nar easily and put our nymphs into the open air. I, as their teacher, cannot allow that to happen.

I have ordered our research facilities to increase the efforts at finding hard, applicable theories we can use to improve our fleets. The time for casual investigation into the metaphysic is ended; the only way we can persevere in the galaxy is to apply our research to practical effects. It has already yielded results - the cruisers and dreadnoughts of Jol-Nar are already improved, and our fleets can begin to move faster than our potential adversaries. This will be crucial in the defense of our systems.

An incoming call ... it is the spokescode of the Mindnet. Interesting.


Commodore Josh of Terra Says: The Federation of Sol's colonization efforts have finally begun in earnest. Production of new Carriers is underway, and the first two colony ships have set forth to our neighboring systems. The landing on the nebula's planet Everra proved lucrative, as plentiful resources on the surface yielded trade goods which we earmarked for expedited production. Dal Bootha and Xxehan are both resource light, but their system neighbors resource rich planets, which we'll target next.

A diplomatic mission allowed us to annex a resource rich planet near Dal Bootha, freeing up our carrier to continue expansion in the direction of Mecatol Rex, which is the Federation's ultimate goal. We must be first to Mecatol, and our researchers are hard at work to make that a reality.

Funding our research with a high-interest loan from our neighbors, the Brotherhood of Yin, we have completed upgrades to our Carriers, which will allow us to take Mecatol from its defenders and establish ourselves firmly on the ground. Additional weapons and construction technologies have improved our fleet support infrastructure as well as improving the combat potential of our fleets.

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