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Let's Play Twilight Imperium 1: New Orders Rise To Power

Paul Goodman | 3 Sep 2014 16:15
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Host Protocol Justin Says Status: Retrieving directory

Offsets: Server: 0. Local system: -010110. Galactic Variance: +010110

Response: Connected to Galactic.Mindnet.Advancement

Status: Initial fleet movements to pacify sectors 010110, 010111 and 011000. The estimated planetary pacification falls within acceptable parameters. Mindnet advancement will achieve swift galactic expansion in the coming cycles. First landing yield native intelligence of neighboring system. Planet New Albion automated defenses detected, flagship constructed to eliminate threat. Diplomatic measures were deemed statistically appropriate to acquire sector 011100. Unstable wormhole detected and Mindnet research team dispatched to neutralize. Planet Tempestra peacefully pacified now that accelerated particles are no longer firing down on the planet. Extreme radioactivity rapidly corroding ground forces on planet Sakulag, adapt neighboring garrisons and transfer. Multiple sectors claimed with limited casualties.

Pending: Contact with rival coalitions for Galactic Mindnet Advancement. Initiate aggressive diplomatic subroutines. Begin fleet movements to claim The Universities of Jol-Nar space.

Log out: Integrated Turing Host Protocol "Justin" Subserver Galactic Mindnet Advancement Algorithm


Janelle Says: Darien is dead. Even though decades have passed since, we continue his work. Our flesh is of his flesh, and with it, we carry his secrets. Not even the Yin, our mother and the only influence of female among us, could quell the inner fire and ambition our father bequeaths us. But, this must not be ours alone. Darien used his greatness to give others what they could no longer have - a life. The sick and dying, as far as the eye could see, would come to him. And for what? To be cast out as an outlaw for cloning. He would not let them stop him. Each one that came to his door, he would heal. And so must we. No longer can we live hidden on this mountain, our knowledge stripped from the rest of the universe. Intent and unified, we must spread Darien's legacy amongst the stars, so others may bare witness and be blessed with true knowledge.

After building our first exploratory fleet, we look towards the stars and see our future waiting for us. Once colonizing the closest planets within our path, we meet our neighbors, the Universities of Jol-Nar and the Federation of Sol. Both have extended open arms of friendship upon our meeting -- and open hands begging for trade goods to help fund their own expansion. We graciously and humbly accept their kind words and loan them what they need. We are all too familiar with the vastness of space and the rarity of friendships within interstellar dust. The Brotherhood shares a single hope that their friendships springs eternal, casting out the loneliness from the dark.


Hive Alpha Louis Says: The Sardokk N'orr could not have a better location in this hostile galaxy of horrors, our nearest neighbor - the melodramatic Xxcha - are blocked off by impassible galactic terrain, and the Mindnet are separated by vast empty space on our other flank. Worlds with bountiful resources that can benefit the Hive's scientists lie nearby, within easy reach of our colonization fleets.

However, despite plenty of resource intense worlds nearby, colonization efforts are difficult - many of these worlds are ravaged by radioactive storms and virulent plagues that prove fatal to even the heartiest of our warriors. After several cycles, after seeing the aggressive expansion of the Mindnet towards Jol-Nar and the Federation of Sol's aggressive moves towards Mecatol, it becomes clear that the N'orr need to consolidate and rebuild - we may be a military force unmatched in the galaxy, but prudence is often the mark of a great warrior, and we are losing too many of our finest.

The Wrap-Up

Through her colonization efforts, Janelle managed to take the lead at the bottom of round 3 by completing her Secret Objective of owning six planets outside her home system, netting the Yin Brotherhood 2 points. Other than that, most players kept the focus on colonizing nearby worlds and teching up for the long game ahead.

Stay tuned!

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