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The Weird, The Abstract, The Unique: The IGF Nuovo Awards

Paul Goodman | 27 Feb 2014 19:30
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Lazy 8 Studios' Extrasolar takes alternate reality games to a whole new level. Players control one of many rovers sent by the eXoplanetary Research Institute (XRI) to explore the distant alien world of Epsilon Prime. As they gather data on the new world in real-time, they're soon drawn into a conspiracy back on Earth involving the real truth behind XRI's mission.

Luxuria Superbia

Tale of Tales' abstract and musical game Luxuria Superbia is described as a "simple game of touch, pleasure and Joy." Players travel through with twelve tunnels, each with different shapes and objects players can interact with, much like a rail shooter - only with the goal of making the tunnels as colorful as possible through your gestures and pacing. Our own Andy Chalk had the joy of beta testing an early version of Luxuria Superbia way back October of 2013.

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