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The Weird, The Abstract, The Unique: The IGF Nuovo Awards

Paul Goodman | 27 Feb 2014 15:30
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Papers, Please

Set in the fictional communist country of Arstotzka, Lucas Pope's Papers, Please puts players into the very uncomfortable shoes of an immigration inspector at a border checkpoint of the grim dystopia. Players have to inspect the documents of incoming immigrants and use a various tools to spot potential terrorists and criminals trying to enter the country, and then use your meager salary to support your family the best you can.

Perfect Woman

Peter Lu and Lea Schönfelder's Perfect Woman is a personality game where each level is structured to represent a different stage in a woman's life. Players stand in front of a Kinect, and try to match the pose displayed on screen to achieve a high score and influence their character's progression through a branching decision tree.

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