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Six Hearthstone Cards That Need a Good Nerf

Joshua Vanderwall | 9 May 2014 15:00
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3) Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy, Leeroy, Leeroy. I can see how this guy might be underrated by some players, but he sees a ton of play, and there's good reason for that. His six power is enough to take down virtually any Taunt guy, freeing up the rest of your board to swing for the face. If there's not a Taunt guy out, of course, he's just a nasty six immediate damage with only a minor downside.

Team him up with something like Cleave to clear out the minions he drops, and he might even stick around for a turn. He pairs up with Hunters supremely well because you can follow him up with an Unleash the Hounds and get two bonus puppies. When you're synergizing with the Starving Buzzard, that's two extra draws, which is really big.

But the nastiest use of Leeroy Jenkins is in Rogue decks. There's this thing called Shadowstep that jives incredibly well with the Charge ability. With a pair of Shadowsteps and a Leeroy Jenkins in hand, you're looking at 18 immediate damage. You'll even have a couple mana left over, allowing you to buff him with Cold Blood, boosting the damage to 22.

2) Faceless Manipulator

Faceless Manipulator might be a bit of a contentious one, especially ranked this high on the need-to-nerf list, but I've been running two Manipulators for ages because they're just insanely powerful in virtually any situation. All you need for this guy to be amazing is for anyone to have a great minion out. Your opponent just slammed a Ragnaros? Copy him first, then Hex him, and ride that value train to victory.

This guy is particularly nasty because he only costs 5, which allows you to copy something twice in one turn. I've lived the dream on many occasions where I land a Ragnaros, and copy him twice the next turn. That's just an insane amount of damage, and there's virtually nothing anybody can do right now to not lose to that.

Of course, it's not just Ragnaros. Since Faceless Manipulator copies the current information about the minion, you can buff the crap out of an otherwise mediocre minion, then copy his new buffed self with the Manipulator. Casting Windfury and Ancestral Spirit on an Earth Elemental, then copying it with a Faceless Manipulator is a little bit ridiculous. Copying it twice? That's just wrong.

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