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Hearthstone Deck Building Guide for Naxxramas - The Arachnid Quarter

Joshua Vanderwall | 23 Jul 2014 19:00
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Boss 3: Maexxna
Ability: (3): Return a random enemy minion to your opponent's hand.

The final boss in The Arachnid Quarter is the giant spider Maexxna. She brings the Naxxramas class cards for Hunter, Shaman, and Rogue together into a spectacular mess of a deck. Using tons of spiders and beasts, as well as Necrotic Poison, a two-mana Assassinate, Maexxna can be surprisingly tough to beat, but shouldn't take more than a couple of tries to take down. Taking advantage of her Hero Ability by stocking up on Battlecry minions, you can keep her from gaining too much of an advantage by bouncing your minions. Paladin's Argent Protector is one of my favorite Battlecry abilities, and the Hero ability partially offsets Maexxna's ability by creating throw-away minions to hit with the bounce, so I went with Pally for this build.

boss 3 deck

The Rares in this build are Sunfury Protector and Argent Defender, which serve to ensure that you'll have at least one Taunt guy out, even after a bounce. Be warned, however, that Maexxna is quite fond of Sea Giant, an 8/8 that she can cast for free when the board is full of minions. I opted to go with a more aggressive approach, which simply wants to kill the opponent before they can kill you with an 8/8, but there are options like Humility and Equality that offer outs to an 8/8 giant that might otherwise ruin your day. It's best to be as aggressive as possible, though, as multiple giants and Sludge Belchers can put a quick end to your offensive if you aren't fast enough.

Have you managed to beat all three bosses in The Arachnid Quarter? Take to the forums with your own suggestions for how to take them down without breaking the bank! Have you tried Heroic mode yet? Keep an eye out for a not-so-budget-friendly guide to Heroic Arachnid Quarter soon!

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