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Hearthstone Deck Guide for Naxxramas - The Plague Quarter

Joshua Vanderwall | 30 Jul 2014 13:30
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heigan boss info

Boss 2: Heigan the Unclean
Ability: (1): Deal 2 damage to the left-most enemy minion.
Boss Class(es): Warlock
Deck Cost: 400

heigan deck

Heigan's ability once again precludes a rush deck, since almost every rush minion will die to the two damage. Instead, we'll focus on weapons, direct damage spells, and minions that don't die to the ability, or leave a minion behind when they do die. Heigan's deck is heavily Demon focused, with all your favorite Warlock minions making an appearance. Additionally, Heigan wields the new Voidcaller, which puts a random Demon from your hand onto the battlefield when it dies. Bane of Doom doesn't seem to be utilized very effectively by the AI, but is definitely something to watch out for. Finally, the new Mindpocalypse is a reasonably fair spell that you'll probably appreciate him casting, as drawing cards and gaining Mana Crystals is usually something you want to be doing.

To take on Heigan, I thought that a creature-light deck would minimize the impact of his ability, and some cheap-ish AOE was imperative to deal with the Blood Imps. I opted to go Rogue here, as Fan of Knives is effective early game AOE, and the Rogue Hero Ability lets you focus on weapons, rather than minions for your damage. Running a Rogue also had the added benefit of Sap, which returns a minion to its owner's hand, and is particularly effective against many Demons with painful Battlecry abilities. Living the dream is watching Heigan play a Felguard - an undercosted Taunt guy that destroys a Mana Crystal when summoned - while you have a Sap or two in hand. Forcing him to recast repeatedly is incredibly powerful at keeping him off higher-cost spells and minions.

While your focus will be on weapon damage, you do need to watch for the Acidic Swamp Ooze, which you should try to bait out with your Hero Ability, rather than letting it hit an Assassin's Blade. If you can get a Deadly Poison on a fresh Assassin's Blade, you've got 20 damage over 4 turns, which will often be plenty to finish him off. You'll definitely want to keep some Silence Battlecries at the ready, like Spellbreaker, since you don't want to give him free Demons courtesy of Voidcaller. Aim to keep the board clear with your spells, while going to the face with weapons and minions, and you should be sending Heigan back to the grave with ease.

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