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These 3 Hearthstone Decks Are Cheap and Competitive

Steven Bogos | 1 May 2015 04:23
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Cheap Hearthstone Decks

So, you're looking to get into this Hearthstone craze that everyone is talking about, or you've been playing it here and there and are ready to graduate from the terrible starter decks that Blizzard puts you on. But, you don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on dozens of additional packs hoping that RNGesus will bless you with Dr. Boom, Sylvanas Windrunner, and all the other big legendary drops the pros use. Fret not, my friend, for there are plenty of "budget" decks that can climb the ladder just as well as all of those expensive legendary-laden monsters. Today we are gonna have a look at three such decks, which are all, in theory, capable of reaching the "legend" rank in ranked play.

Just a quick note before we begin: while the "dust" cost (Hearthstone's crafting material, which is obtained from disenchanting cards) of these decks is quite low, most of them assume that you own both the Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain single-player adventures. At $25 a piece, these adventures are easily the best value-for-money in the game, as they guarantee you a suite of cards which are staples in many decks, rather than having to get lucky with booster packs.

Face Hunter - 1040 Dust:


Let's start with the most infamous, original "cheap deck" - the Face Hunter. A word of warning: people will hate you for playing this deck. Face Hunter, as its name suggests, focuses on dealing as much damage to the "face" (IE: your opponent's direct health pool) as possible, often ignoring enemy minions unless it is literally forced to attack them. It's very easy to build, very easy to play, and incredibly effective.

Nothing entices rage more than having your intricate mill Rogue deck stuffed with legendaries that cost you hundreds of dollars to craft, beaten mercilessly by a deck whose rarest card is "Arcane Golem".

As a Face Hunter, you want to be as mana-efficient as possible, hitting fast and hard with cheap, effective minions, and using your hero power on pretty much every turn to really give your opponent that sense of urgency. Some great combos to help you achieve this include Wolfrider/Arcane Golem + Abusive Sergeant, Knife Juggler + Unleash The Hounds, and Eaglehorn Bow + Mad Scientist. You'll want to hold onto your Ironbeak Owls to silence taunts, so you can continue to ignore minions and hit face. You really want to get both of your Explosive Traps via your Mad Scientists, so be sure to mulligan (discard them and replace them with new cards at the start of the game) when you get them.

Spells like Kill Command should be kept for finishers and taunts, and while Quick Shot is obviously best used on an empty hand, if you need the extra three points of damage don't be afraid to use it, as it is still quite good value even without its secondary effect.

Your biggest weakness is mid-range control decks that can tech against your early aggression and draw the game out. Essentially, you either have an unbeatable advantage by turn five...or you lose, as once your hand is empty and 5-mana+ minions are being played, it's incredibly hard to eke out a victory.

For the Rich: So lets say you do have some extra dust and want to invest a bit more money into this deck to make it a wee bit better. Leeroy Jenkins is probably the best Legendary to put in, as his powerful attack and charge makes for a good finisher. Snake Trap is also a pretty solid addition, as it gives you three free 1/1 bodies and can throw off an opponent who is expecting explosive trap. Feel free to swap out one of your Leper Gnomes, or Ironbeak Owls for either of these cards.

For the Poor: If you're feeling especially strapped for cash, you can probably skip Blackrock Mountain for this deck. It uses only two cards from the adventure (Quick Shot) which can be replaced with a second Worgen Infiltrator and a second Glaivezooka. You can even substitute the Naxx cards (Spectral Creeper and Mad Scientist) with a couple of Dire Wolf Alphas and some Gilbin Stalkers if you wanna be really cheap.

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