The term "fanboy" seems to have two broad definitions:

1. Person who likes something to the point where they will not allow anyone else to criticize it. Or even simply not like it.

2. Person who likes something someone else hates.

For the record, I'm a fan of the first definition and I'll be using it from this point on. (In either case, the term seems to include both boys and girls. I dream of the day when our stupid, infantile insults are gender-neutral so that females don't feel excluded from the idiocy. It's only fair.)

Gaming is full of fanboys. Are other hobbies like this? Do skiers and snow boarders hate each other with the same fervor as Xbox and PS3 fans? Do people that fish using waders call the other fishermen "boatfags"? I'm having a hard time picturing it. Perhaps our hobby is just less tolerant of diversity in personal tastes. Maybe it's just a side effect of the hobby being so entwined with the internet, which seems to cultivate this sort of behavior. In either case, it does the hobby no credit.

Most of these exchanges can be safely ignored as an absurd slap-fight between kids who will hopefully someday know better. Certainly it's not worth getting involved in an argument over which flavor of ice cream tastes better. And while reasonable people might feel strongly about their favorite restaurant, if I saw two people trading angry insults over restaurant preference I would write them off as nutters. But there is one fanboy phrase that drives me up a wall:

"Go back to WoW."

This is frequently said in the forums of pretty much every MMO game out there. (Except for World of Warcraft, of course.) Usually someone will complain about the game or make a suggestion about how the game could be improved, at which point the fanboys will show up and tell them to go to WoW. This is usually intended as a two-edged insult against both the critic and against WoW itself. Roughly, "The thing you want is stupid and you are stupid so you will like WoW, because it is also stupid."

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