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The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Fantasy

Shamus Young | 4 Jun 2010 21:00
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What's worse, is that these new technologies form annoying dependency chains, so you can't make the game happen faster by just throwing more people at it. You can't have taking heads without bodies. You can't have moving bodies without motion capture. You can't do the motion capture until you've designed your environments, since the motion actors need to do things like lean on walls and walk up steps. (So you have to know where those things will be when the game is done.) The lip syncing can't be done until the voice acting is recorded. And the person setting up the in-game cutscenes needs basically everything else done before they can do their job.

When they began work on Final Fantasy VII in 1995 the game had a budget of $30 million USD. Game budgets have ballooned by more than a factor of ten since then. Do the math and realize that the lack of a re-make is not because they want to hurt your feelings.

I realize that Square Enix kind of brought this on themselves when they did that FFVII tech demo for the PS3. It was a cruel tease to show fans that classic opening in modern hi-def glory and then end it right at the moment where the game would normally begin. I still get this itch to pick up the controller and play the game when the movie ends, only to realize that there is no game when the movie ends.

You can hate Square Enix for leaving fans hanging. Maybe they'll be crazy enough to attempt it someday. But do not imagine that because they have some old 8-bit music and fifteen year old PSOne source code sitting around that they have some sort of jump-start on the project.

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