The Old Republic

This is the second year in a row where BioWare has just shown up with a non-gameplay cinematic trailer. Thanks for that BioWare, but we were already sold on the idea of "lightsaber fights are awesome". If this was just another MMOG it wouldn't be a very big deal to just show us cinematics, but the developers are making all kinds of claims about this game. It's going to be story driven? Your character will be voiced? All classes can switch at will to different roles within a group instead of being locked in as a "healer" or "tank"? And each player character gets their own gaggle of followers? These all sound like great ideas that we've never seen before. (In an MMORPG.)

So far I've seen one screenshot. No gameplay. Apparently the press got to see a bit more in the look-but-don't-touch demonstration, but those of us who didn't go to E3 didn't get to see any of it. All we have is a second-hand description of a gameplay demonstration under controlled circumstances at a closed press event. How many Bothans do we need to kill to get a look at this game?

The mounting promises of innovation coupled with the lack of any sort of demonstration is making my cynicism gland swell up. It could be great, sure. But I'd advise against getting your hopes up until we see some evidence. (If you manage to do this, please tell me how. The idea of multiplayer KOTOR is making me crazy.)

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

Ubi Marketbot: You know, people really, really hated our DRM system that made them log in and play their single-player game online.

Ubi Exec: Oh? Maybe they were pirates.

Ubi Marketbot: No, I mean people who bought the game. They don't want to go online for single-player. Maybe we should change that?

Ubi Exec: Good idea. Make the whole game multiplayer.

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