4) Save us from fad controllers

I think motion controls are a really great novelty. They're a nice change of pace and about the most fun way to get some exercise. All I ask is that Sony and Microsoft not forget how to make games that use buttons while they're off chasing after that sweet, sweet Wii market.

5) A lump of coal for Activision

A quick search for Activision Lawsuit reveals that these guys spend more time looking for ways to sue people than trying to just make games that people want to buy. They're suing rivals, former employees, former business partners. If lil' Bobby gets in a fight at school, you can say maybe the other kid started it. If Bobby gets in ten fights with ten different kids, and if Bobby is the biggest kid in the class, it's a pretty safe bet he's a bully, not the victim.

And by "lump of coal" I mean "asteroid." Again.

T'was the night before Christmas and all over the 'net,
Nobody had presents, 'cause it wasn't time yet.

The trolls were all flaming without repercussion,
'cause the mods were in bed and not Open » Discussion.

The tree was still boxed, not a light had been hung.
No music was playing, not a carol was sung.

No dinner was cooking, no ham had been roasted.
Instead I ate pop-tarts, cold and un-toasted.

No milk, no coca, no Eggnog to sip at,
Instead Mountain Dew, which was old, warm, and flat.

A Christmas disaster, caused by a Blizzard,
and by leveling alts with my main Gnomish Wizard.

No cookies for Santa, no lists have been made.
The only presents I want are 'leet drops from this raid.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Shamus Young is the guy behind Twenty Sided, DM of the Rings, Stolen Pixels, Shamus Plays, and Drawn to Knowledge. He doesn't actually play a Gnome, but "Orcish Hunter" doesn't rhyme with Blizzard.

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