5. I don't like day 1 DLC because it's greedy.

Keep in mind that the economics behind this are irresistible. It takes hundreds of thousands of hours to make a videogame to sell for sixty bucks. Then it takes just a few hours to make a hat that some people are willing to buy for five. Hats are simply way, way more profitable. It's easy money.

Are you taking a stand against easy money? If your boss offered you $100 an hour to play Tetris, would you refuse because you hate "greed"? If you can go after easy money, why can't a company like Valve?

7. These things are just simple mods. Why do companies think they can charge for things that take modders five minutes to make?

Because people will pay for them. Because mods aren't available on all platforms. Because multiplayer mods are a lot less fun if the only other people who can see your hat are other people who also have the mod installed. Because some people don't want to deal with the complex headaches of figuring out what mods are good and figuring out how to install them - they would rather drop five bucks right now and get exactly what they want and have it work with no fuss.

8. Isn't selling stuff like this unethical?

How? They're not lying about the content of the game. It doesn't say, "Includes free hats" on the side of the box. They sell you a game, and then offer something in addition to that. This is no more unethical than charging for pizza toppings.

Sometimes extra things cost extra.

9. Isn't this leading to a slippery slope where games are chopped up and sold to us bits at a time?

Actually, we're already there. Just about every other developer is doing this, only they're doing it with stuff that exists in the single player game, impacts game balance, and is advertised in-game. Activision's Kotick has already expressed a desire to have cutscenes sold separately.

This is a bad trend in gaming, but this game is actually a move in the right direction. We should hold Portal 2 up as an example of how other companies should be doing it.

10. Uh, you used number four twice in this list?

True, but I skipped number six, so it evens out.

And now my question to you:

If other players want to pay for this DLC and the company is willing to sell it, why do you feel the need to demand that the transaction not take place?

Shamus Young is the guy behind Twenty Sided, DM of the Rings, Stolen Pixels, Drawn To Knowledge, and Spoiler Warning.

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