Wait for it, I'm getting ready to advance upon relevance. It seems to me that the Wii was founded on the basis that it wasn't even going to try to compete with everyone else's visuals, and instead encourage new thinking in game design. A lot of Wii games have embraced that: look at 2D stuff like Super Paper Mario and Wario Ware, and cel-shaded 3D like No More Heroes or Madworld. But other third party developers didn't get the memo.

"We needed to develop our engine so that it is as competitive with the 360 and the PS3". That's a direct, grammatically iffy quote from the lead designer of The Conduit, Rob Nicholls, from an interview with That Video Game Blog. They pushed the graphics to the limits at the expense of everything else, and it still wasn't as good-looking as games on the other consoles. OH WELL.

I'm not saying we should give up on realistic 3D altogether, I'm just saying one should consider the alternatives. I still like a lot of by-today's-standards ugly 3D games. But any game that sells itself on its top-of-the-range graphics is going to seem hopelessly quaint and boring within a year or so (see Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3 and come to think of it pretty much everything by id). I guess The Conduit does deserve some kind of prize for having aged poorly at the very moment of release.


Just to clarify, yes, with the Call of Juarez video it's officially 100 videos discounting the 2008 clip show and the repeat of Console Rundown. We're only counting videos I had to do some actual work for. So stop arguing about it, you idiots.

I've got to say I'm looking forward to seeing what'll come out of the Stonking Great game design contest. I've seen a couple of people attempt ZP-based flash games, but it will be doubly interesting to see some that we've actually sanctioned. Someone made a ZP level in Little Big Planet, actually, and here's a video someone else made of it. Obviously we're only accepting Flash games but take a gander if you need inspiration, I guess.

Besides that, here is the only assistance I will give you. If your game includes absolutely any reference to the cake being a lie, you automatically lose a billion points.

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