Game Design Friday

Game Design Friday
You Have to Lock the Entry!

Scott Jon Siegel | 30 May 2008 21:15
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Creating Entries:

Players can create a new entry on the wiki by playing a face card from their hand (Jack, Queen, or King) to the center of the table, face up. Only six entries can be open at a time.

Adding to Entries:

Once an entry has been created, players can add content to that entry by playing cards of the same suit (Ace through King) from their hand onto the entry pile, face up. With the exception of the starting face card, any card played onto an entry must be of a higher value than the card beneath it.

Making Changes:

Sometimes the best way to contribute to an entry is to eliminate the contributions of your opponents. Doing so will allow you to reduce their presence on an article, and increase your own.

In any entry, the top card of the entry pile can be removed, if you can replace it with another card of your own. When removing content from a wiki entry, that content must be discarded in the "history" of the entry, by placing the card face-down next to the entry pile. This signifies that a change has been made.

Locking Entries:

Too many changes to an entry will make that entry eligible for lockdown. If at any point five or more cards appear in the history pile of an entry, any player can lock the entry and remove it from play.

To do so, a player must yell "Lock!" and stack the history pile, still face down, perpendicular to and on top of the entry pile of the article (see image). The locked entry is then removed from play, and another entry can be started in its place.

Bad Hand:

If at any point a player decides they have no good cards in his hand, he can opt to discard his entire hand and draw five new cards. A player can do this as many times as needed, but it should be viewed as a last resort, as discarded cards do not get reshuffled into the deck.

End of Game:

Once all players have gone through their entire decks of cards, and all possible moves have been played, the game is considered over. At this point, the closed entries should be evaluated and scored.

Each closed entry must first be checked to make sure it meets the closed entry requirements, with at least five cards in the history. If so, the non-history cards are counted for each player (using the unique card backs to identify which card belongs to which player).

Each card in the entry is worth one point, with the exception of the face card that started the entry, which is worth two. The player with the highest score for the entry wins that entry. Score every entry in this manner, and the player with the most entries wins the game.

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