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The Twitter Bug

Chris Hardwick | 2 Mar 2009 22:30
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Ultimately, no one's suggestions worked. Not because they were wrong but because it clearly was a Hostway issue. After a day and a half, everything just started working again. I guess the escalating worked. Or, the Fryads who were sabotaging my site got bored ("Fryad" = my name for a computer-dwelling nymph). It didn't matter, though. I experienced the raw power of Twitter. I was both awed and grateful. Sure, you can listen to people tweet about the Perez/Lily Allen feud or the inexplicably sweatiness of their balls (I'm looking at YOU, @steveagee), but Twitter is a hyper-distilled version of the Web itself: bite-sized bits of unobstructed data in real time, but humanized through its communal foundation.

MySpace feels like downtown Tokyo. Facebook has fewer ad-nouncements but feels sterile to me (and please stop sending me knighthood invitations). Twitter actually feels like a buddy, and therein lies the addiction. It fosters kinship and relatability. I've always got someone with me to digitally elbow and point to the weird cemetery kiosk in the Nashville mega-mall I'm passing through or to proclaim my puerile epiphany that the Hulk is really just an anthropomorphic boner. Plus, its character limit is teaching me to be more economical with words, a talent I don't innately possess but one that is crucial for a stand-up.

I don't know what the future of micro-blogging holds. I know that the folks at Twitter HQ had received about $50 million in capital but are still trying to figure out how to monetize the service. There's no QUESTION that it's valuable, but can it make money? It's like everyone's standing around, marveling at a three-year old who can speak six languages. There's got to be SOMETHING you can do with it, right? I sincerely hope they do figure out a pleasant way to generate a profit and keep it going, because not only is it potentially the most powerful network on the Web, but I'd really hate to lose my new best fwend.

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