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Going Gold: Going Gold's Purely Arbitrary Games of the Decade

Christian Ward | 30 Dec 2009 21:00
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Super Mario Galaxy - 2007

Super Mario Galaxy made me remember why I love videogames. I am one of the few who liked Super Mario Sunshine, but Galaxy puts into stark perspective how lacking it truly was. Gleefully abandoning many of the existing Mario tropes while simultaneously holding onto the series' sense of fun, Galaxy is pure, condensed videogaming brilliance, from beginning to end.

Much like the game's gravity-defying tricks, Galaxy also turns the existing wisdom of the games industry on its head. It is by far the best game of this generation, running on a console that is magnitudes of power weaker than its rivals. It is testament, once again, to the power of great ideas.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 2007

By including both this and Halo on my list, I think I'll have to hand in my Videogame Elitist membership card. But it's hard to deny that CoD4 is a masterpiece, even if the sequel's controversies have taken the sheen off the series somewhat.

A rollercoaster single-player that takes the player across the globe on land, sea and air, it may last only 8 hours, but has more "did you see that?!" moments than in a game 4 times its size. Added to this was a multiplayer mode that sucked in players better than the best RPGs, constantly dangling carrots in front of our noses.

CoD4 did very little first, but that doesn't matter - it pulled off the impossible by doing both single-player and multiplayer better than anyone else. At the turn of the decade, this is the biggest thing in gaming, bar none.


As someone who pushes for more original IP and new ideas, the inclusion of so many sequels and franchise entries on my own list was unexpected. I suppose that's the power of iteration. Out with the old, in with the new? Not if they're as good as these games.

Christian Ward works for a major publisher. The answer to "Why is BLANK not on the list" is "Because I've had one too many Christmas brandies and I forgot."

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