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Cactus at the Speed of Light

Nathan Meunier | 10 May 2009 13:00
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"Mondo Medicals tried to deceive the player. It gave false instructions, gave false impressions on how to solve puzzles, and creeped you out by putting you in really claustrophobic environments," says Cactus. "The second one (Mondo Agency) actually gave you real hints and instructions, and the levels themselves could sometimes be slightly confusing until you understood how things worked. The atmosphere is also more agoraphobic, with lots of open spaces and lots of edges to fall from. The third game (Mondo Wires) will mess with the player by playing with space, time and vision. Weird things might happen when you look the other way. Hopefully it will make people feel a bit paranoid."

Altogether, the trilogy will be called Mondo Nation. The third installment will be bigger than the first two games and equally as strange. Instead of being divided into individual levels, Mondo Wires features a more seamless environment to explore - one that will sneakily warp and twist to trick you when you least expect it. Cactus says this will be the first game in the series to have an actual inventory. You'll pick up and use other items besides a gun, including a phone. The game's theme revolves heavily around dreams and an escaped serial killer and will reveal new puzzling details about the Mondo world. Cactus has been working on it off and on for quite some time now and said when the game is released depends on how much inspiration he can muster to wrap it up.

Another major project in the works, Brain-Damaged Toon Underworld, will be the biggest game he's ever made and possibly the one to win the "Lengthiest Cactus Development Cycle" award. The colorful and peculiar platformer is a collaborative effort for Lo-Fi Minds - a Swedish indie development studio he formed with Ville Krumlinde. Unlike the bulk of Cactus' other games, this project still has substantial amount of time left in the oven before it's ready to go. In the meantime, he's got numerous other smaller games on simmering on various burners.

"I'm working on quite a few projects at the moment," he says. "A flash remake of Insect Invade 2 with some gameplay and graphics changes. A sequel to Shotgun Ninja that has a pretty decent plot and a more coherent game world. I also have a few projects that deal with time or music as core concepts, but I don't think I can say much about those without spoiling anything."

There may be an undetermined amount of time left to wait until Cactus unleashes his bigger projects, but rest assured he'll deliver plenty of free, bite-sized gaming weirdness for us to digest in the interim.

Nathan Meunier is a freelance writer, a regular contributor at The Escapist, and a die-hard indie gaming enthusiast. You can read more of his work at

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