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Erin Hoffman's Inside Job
Inside Job: Voices of Sanity: An Interview With Gerard Jones

Erin Hoffman | 21 Dec 2007 21:00
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EH: What do you think the results of the attacks on videogames are on kids and society in general?

GJ: My big concern is not that the attacks will particularly hurt the games business, which is so huge and ubiquitous now, but that they just add to the psychological assaults already being heaped on young people who like so-called "violent entertainment" and to the bogus "culture wars" that are wounding America as a community. These needless battles have a divisive and alienating effect that isn't helpful either to individuals or a society trying to deal with the legitimate fears and conflicts we are now. The attacks also create a rallying point for the cultural right wing, an interest group I think is already too powerful and too inclined to deliver us over to a dangerous brand of radical pseudo-conservatism. That's why I think transcending the argument with a broader viewpoint is ultimately more useful than point-for-point combat.

EH: Gerard, thanks so much for speaking with us. Your advocacy for a deductive approach to understanding media culture is heroic for young people and the game community alike.

GJ: Thanks for the chance to think about this stuff. And happy holidays!

Erin Hoffman is a professional game designer, freelance writer, and hobbyist troublemaker. She moderates and fights crime on the streets by night.

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