Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
"Normandy" and "Dead Don't Shuffle"

MiracleOfSound | 28 Sep 2011 16:00
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Something about the back up singing to yourself with yourself with the auto tune just throws it off for me.

This poor lad got an earful from me over this, despite the fact he meant no harm. I do not, and never will, use Autotune. I despise it with the hatred and venom of a thousand Kratos-es. I hate everything it stands for and everything it has done to completely ruin the music industry. Anyone with a producer's ear will hear the many flaws and irregularities in my voice when I sing - flaws that most singers these days are afraid to leave in their recordings. I believe Autotune sucks the soul out of a performance and if you ever accuse me of using it, be prepared for a harsh response!

It's not as good as "Commander Shepard."

I knew people would think this. "Normandy" was deliberately not as immediate and catchy as that song, as I wanted it to be more of a song that touched your emotions and rewarded those who invested time in it - a bit like Mass Effect.

"The Dead Don't Shuffle (They Run)"

I'm going to be honest here - I don't enjoy playing Left 4 Dead. That's not because it's a bad game, in fact it's because it does exactly what it intends to do really well. I spend most of my time in L4D panicking, freaking out and feeling overwhelmed, anxious and claustrophobic. That's the feeling I wrote about for the lyrics in this song. Pretty simple premise!

Musically I wanted to make a straightforward, aggressive sounding rock song with a kick ass, heavily distorted riff. There is also a heavy distortion effect on the lead vocal in the verses, to give it a bit more bite.

Some big honesty here: The first version's melodies were quite different. It was only after my friend Gabe (no, not Newell) pointed out that it sounded very like a certain Foo Fighters song that I realized I would have to change it. There are only 12 notes in music, and songs often sound like other songs, but this was pushing it a bit too far for my liking and I don't like being accused of ripping things off from other artists (although I will happily rip off the Foos' production and mixing techniques, those guys have a hell of a big sound).

I'm very pleased with the Rob Halford-esque metal scream just before the last chorus - it's wonderfully silly. I also like the four-part "They Run" harmony. Multi-layer harmonies are something I am totally addicted to. All in all this is a song I don't have many regrets about. I'm happy with most of it.


Great music (instrumentally) as usual but also as usual terrible lyrics and what's fast becoming boring vocals.

I picked this comment because I want to ask something from people: If you are going to leave this kind of criticism, please leave examples so I can look at them and perhaps learn from them if they are valid. Otherwise, well, you're just being a douche.

It isn't loading....why isn't it LOADING???

I get this every single week. My vids come out the same day as Zero Punctuation. Come back in a while and the high traffic will have died down.

The lyrics in Miracle of Sound are usually the weakest part of the songs for me and that held true here. They have a tendency to be a little too literal. Sometimes they sound a bit awkward and forced.

You'd be amazed how many people tell me the exact opposite - that they're not literal enough and are too "metaphorical and obscure." You can't please everyone. However, I do sometimes write clumsy lyrics (got a lot of flak over the Duke Nukem song, for example). I admit it and I'm looking into it.

So there you have it. If you enjoyed reading this, let me know in the comments. If there are any of the older songs you would like me talk about, any aspects of recording you'd like to know about, any other questions, or anything you would like me to add to this column them feel free to post that, too. I read all comments and will listen to you guys and what you want. After all, I wouldn't be here doing this if it weren't for you all!

And for any aspiring musicians out there, remember - a song is never, ever finished and you will never make one that absolutely everyone likes, but this is part of the beauty, mystery and wonder of how music works.

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