Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
The New Black Gold and Brothers of The Creed

MiracleOfSound | 23 Nov 2011 16:00
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The song is from Adam Jensen's perspective, learning to come to terms with the advantages and trials of his new body and the philosophical question of "How much machine must you be before you cease to be a man?"

The first verse just describes the game's atmosphere, with its "neon glow" and "high tech cathedrals." Some of you noticed the "gods in the machines" lyric - this was a sneaky reference to the game's title. Verse two is about how no matter how high tech your "secret science" of augmentation may be, a man is still prone to "mortal flaws."

What people don't know is that the song was complely different in its first version. I don't mean different as in a few notes here or there, I mean a completely different song. The lyrics were the same but the tone, tempo, melody, chords and general feel were all completely different. When it just felt all wrong to me I was getting pretty frustrated and in the end I just wiped the whole thing and started again. Destroy - Erase- Improve, as Meshuggah once said.

The first version was this big, sweeping synthscape thing with no drums. It had long, drawn out melodies and was a bit wishy washy and boring. So after scrapping that I decided on making something much more poppy and accessible. I wanted to capture the "humanity meets technology" theme of the game so I used highly mechanical-sounding programmed synths and drums and tried to sing as soulfully as I could to give it that contrast.

Nine Inch Nails were again a huge influence on this song, as was the game's Vangelis-esque soundtrack. I wanted something sleek and brooding to match the game's aesthetic. Someone mentioned it sounded very 90s; this was intentional.

Little note for fans of the original game: The lonely drone synth at the beginning of the song is meant to sound a bit like the Statue Of Liberty music from its opening level.


Very poetic lyrics, but I feel like you could have done better than repeating "Slave to the New... man within" twice each time.

There's that repetition criticism again. It's something I'm looking into guys, promise.

Why oh why isn't stuff like this in the charts instead of the crap the music industry churns out.

Because the music industry is a giant pile of festering, stinking dogshit that is slowly eating itself from the inside with regurgitated, autotuned X-factor contestants stuck to its shitty teeth.

This made me want to watch Blade Runner for some reason.

That'll be because of the Vangelis-esque feel of the song and game's soundtrack.

Also, your voice NEEDED to be synthed for this, the whole techno-electronic thing doesn't work with your gruff bluesy/rocky voice.

Actually that was the entire point.

Must you make picking a favorite out of all your songs so difficult?

Shit man, sorry about that, hah!

So there you go. Two songs that went through some big changes in thier short lifetimes. Don't forget to let me know what songs you want to hear about next time ("Redemption Blues" is already on my list so give me other ones!) or ask me any questions you'd like answered.

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