Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
“Redemption Blues,” “Zombie Holiday” + Gavin's Favorite Games of 2011

MiracleOfSound | 21 Dec 2011 16:00
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I can see how a lot of people will be turned off by this. The contrast in genres is so great, which is in itself a testimony to the creator's talent, that it confuses all those humans who have a musical tunnel vision, which sadly I think refers to most people.

This guy probably played the game, he seems to get it.

Seriously this song is all over the place the growling vocals don't suit your style what so ever and the dub step with the growling vocals it is all just so confused I have no idea what you were thinking stick to your well established great normal vocals with the harmony from layering that was an abomination to several genres.

This guy probably didn't play the game. Which is why I understand why the song must have seemed so weird and wrong to him. It's all good, bro!

I didn't like it that much.

That's nice. Thanks for sharing!

Until you get your act together I recommend against trying Skyrim, lest you want to be lynched by EVERYONE.

By the time this article is published this guy will either be proven right or eating his nasty little words. I do hope it's the latter.

"Redemption Blues"

This was a very organic song for me. I wrote it in the very old fashioned way, sitting down with my acoustic guitar and strumming out some chords. It all started with that simple little chuggy, Foo Fighters-ey chord sequence in the intro and the rest just came naturally. I could hear that single, long high string note in my head and that helped me build the atmosphere. I think it took me about 20 minutes to write this song, as opposed to the hours/days/weeks I usually spend agonizing over them.

I really love it when songs are this easy to create and I always feel like the best ones are often the ones that just pop into your head (though "The New Black Gold" would imply otherwise). Judging by the amazing reception to this track, it would seem you guys agree. Even Rockstar liked this one, pinning it on their homepage for a while.

The lyrics deal with John Marston during the game's third act, reflecting on his life and mistakes and trying to make the best of his time with his family. The general feel I wanted was a person trying to be hopeful and see the bright side in the face of an inevitable doom. His relationship with Abigail is the inspiration for the chorus.

Also, I just wanted to move people a little. It might sound silly to some, especially those who are not familiar with the medium, but I wanted it to be a tribute that made people feel the same emotion I felt during that final act of the game. You guys know that in general I try and focus on the less violent, more personal parts of the games with great stories to tell.

The song starts at a whisper and builds gradually into a louder climax. I wanted people to feel a little shiver of exhilaration when the song finally lets loose and breaks into the "Justice ain't no lady" section, and this is usually achieved in music through the careful use of tension and dynamics. I don't always get it right but in this song most people felt I did, which made me happy.

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