Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
“Redemption Blues,” “Zombie Holiday” + Gavin's Favorite Games of 2011

MiracleOfSound | 21 Dec 2011 16:00
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The Western-ey tambourine shakes, echoing wails and big drum rolls were an afterthought. The first version didn't have them - I added them in after feeling that the song wasn't musically connected enough to its classic Western subject matter.

I got a lot of compliments on the lyrics too, which is usually an area I get some stick. This was lovely for me. The lines that really seemed to get people were:

No man can truly outlast
All the mistakes of his past


There ain't no more cowboys
Only men with violent hearts

I guess sometimes it's the simplest words that are the most effective.


Very good. Now do it again, but with zombies.
Never! I hated that DLC and I'm utterly fed up with zombies.

what is this crap? Doesn't capture ANYTHING of the stark brutality of the game. while his lyrics are sound and he's obviously a good instrumentalist, can never EVER capture the heart of a game. Red Dead was brutal, it was a deep introspective and self-punishing journey for Marston that ultimately ended in the only redemption he could get

I wasn't for one moment trying to capture the "stark brutality" of the overall game. I was trying to capture two aspects of the story - John's relationship with his wife and his hope in the face of doom. What is his one single motivation for his every action and deed in the story? Saving his family. It seems very short-sighted to overlook this.

The heart of the game to you may have been the hard, cold violence and brutality, but to me it was all there in that gentle final third. Most people I know who have been in a relationship can relate to feeling protective of their loved one. Not sure I'd want to know someone who didn't feel that way.

Keep up the comments, though! I look forward to someday making a song about a big juicy steak and seeing you call it crap because it wasn't about the side salad.

Damn, man, I really like when your songs gradually become louder and stronger over their course. That's awesome.

Yeah! All my favorite music has those quiet/loud dynamics in it. They can turn a song from a nice little ditty into something that smacks you right in the gut.

Find this stuff really inspiring. I had bad experiences in bands as well so became strictly a session musician then had bad experiences with that also and quit working in music all together. This body of work is making me feel like getting back in the studio again. Never thought that would happen:)

It's hard to express just how good reading that made me feel. Knowing I inspired someone like that just makes my head spin. In a good way.

I hope you guys all have a lovely Christmas and get to catch up on all the games you didn't get time to play in the crazy November explosion of awesome (I, for one, still have Saints Row 3, Dark Souls and Bastion yet to play). There won't be a new song next fortnight but I will see you in the new year with a song I've made about an old classic that none of you will be expecting. ;)

Merry Christmas and a geeky new year!

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