Before I get into these, it's worth noting that 99% of the feedback on this song was wholly, overwhelmingly positive and that made me really happy. Last month was one of the best months of my life, in fact. These were just a few comments that I felt I wanted to address.

This doesn't fit with the game's music at all. Ancient Nords and Vikings didn't have electric guitars.

And they had 60 piece modern classical orchestras, did they?

Should have sang it in a deeper voice.

Sorry, I left my other vocal chords in my other throat.

My main issue with this is that it feels to me that it's trying to be two songs, one hearty and epic like the first bit, and one rock and awesome like the second.

Don't get me wrong, I like both bits, but I'd rather two unique songs that have their own theme and tune, than one song that sounds like it's meant to be two.

That's fair, let me try and explain. I grew up on Iron Maiden/Peter Gabriel and stuff like that ... it's in my blood to have songs that change and evolve into something else as they go on. If I had my way, almost all my songs would do this, but I feel it might alienate listeners if over-used.

I liked it until the electric guitar, then it really just pulled me out of it. Yes, I'm of the belief that electric instruments should stay out of medieval songs.

Then you'll probably want to contact Jeremy Soule and chastise him for all the synths he used making the Skyrim soundtrack. Did you know the entire Morrowind soundtrack is synthetic? Bet you didn't. Music is all about heart and soul and creating a feeling, not being anal and pedantic over what fucking instrument it's played on.

I need a download link for this song, I respect it too much to download it illegally.

I love you.

I used to think this song sucked, but then I took an arrow to the knee...


I wanted to put these two together, to try and convey why sometimes listening to criticism isn't always a good idea:

- What is this, why is this a longer version? It doesn't flow half as well as the shorter one. You ruined it.

- Wow, the longer version just flows sooo much better than the other one. Why wasn't this one on the Escapist instead?

I think I've made my point.

Holy Fucking Shit. Am I crying? I'm fucking crying. Holy Shit, I'm crying. And I have goosebumps.

You've brought me to fucking tears with this song. It's so beautiful. It's so ... I need a tissue. Now. 'stumbles away looking for a tissue'

That made me smile. Nice to know the song moved a few people!

Are you still only using your own voice btw? I can clearly hear all kinds of voices in there + girl humming.

It's all me. Lots and lots of layers of me (megalomaniacal laugh)

How freaking often do you make a chorus out of one line that repeats twice?

Er, never. Not once. Ever.

Was there some autotune on the vocals? They sound kind of processed or something.

Oh for the love of the Divines, not this again. Just either accept that some singers can actually sing or do yourself a favor and stop listening to music altogether.

No fus ro dah? i'm dissapointed

No and there's no arrows, knees, sweetrolls or cake either.

I liked how you avoided your usual formula of verse-chorus-verse-chorus-middle-chorus

True, but I still don't see why people have a problem with that formula. More than likely most of your favorite bands use it all the time.

You have got to make a song with Malukah, the dragonborn girl. Please. Please.

Way ahead of you there ;) We're working on something right now.

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