Miracle of Sound - Encore

Miracle of Sound - Encore
Shooter Guy and Life In Bullet Time

MiracleOfSound | 5 Jul 2012 07:30
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Life In Bullet Time

The idea for this song was to try and make everything feel like it was moving in slow motion. This was to represent both the combat mechanics (and wonderful visuals that accompany them) and Max's state of mind where every day seems to just pass him by in slow motion as he continues to exist without a reason or cause.

The rolling bassline and slow, drifting rhythm were, to me, a representation of the visual effect of Max performing a bullet dodge dive or slowing time to line up a perfect headshot. The bluesy piano sections were there as a tribute to both the original two games and their soundtracks (I felt like the piano scenes in MP3 were there for this purpose, too).

There are also long, heavily distorted synth screeches in parts of the song which are there to invoke the feel of the amazing soundtrack to game done by the band Health. No-one who played MP3 will ever forget that spacious airport level and the cathartic release it offered the player as that amazing song pulsed in the background. One of gaming's finest ever moments, right there. I felt Rockstar did an amazing job matching the music and visuals in the game in a very unique and original way.

This song was very inspired by (and by "inspired by" I mean I totally ripped off their sound) Faith No More, particularly in the vocals. I am a huge fan of Mike Patton's diverse vocal range and I'd be lying if I said I didn't try to emulate parts of his style at any given opportunity. I think you can really hear the difference my new vocal microphone makes in this song - the very low, breathy verses have a crisp clarity to them that I could never achieve before now. In fact this song, out of all the MOS songs, is the one that I am the most happy with on a production/mix level. I feel like everything just fits nicely together, the many layers of sound don't clutter eachother up and turn to mud as much as they do in some of my other mixes.

Justin's video for this song is really great. It pretty much perfectly captures the vibe I was going for, the grim, ugly beauty of Max's violent slow motion acrobatics and downbeat lifestyle. I was very happy with the response to the song, I was expecting it to get a very mixed reaction but it was one of the best received Miracle of Sound songs so far, so thanks guys.


Brilliant song but I'd love to hear a guitar solo once in a while, especially now that you've got your Les Paul!

I would love to do some solos but alas I suck at guitar too much to do them. I taught myself how to play and never learned the proper techniques involved in soloing and playing scales, stuff like that. The closest you'll ever hear to a solo from me is some simple blues noodling or rudimentary tapping.

This was your best song yet. You'll never top this one!

Once again, we shall see.

I'm really glad you focused on the character's identity and not the violence in the game. It really added a beautifully sad quality to the song that I don't think could have been captured by singing about pseudo Matrix wannabe shoot-outs and slow motion death shots.

It makes me happy when people understand where I'm coming from like this. I was half expecting the usual claims that the song wasn't brutal enough to match the game.

You get the hook aspect of making songs but you should really experiment with making more progressive music. Simple templates for making weekly music is your job but fuck that. Work your way outside the norm, create something truly remarkable.

This was an interesting criticism. I think it comes down to taste more than anything - I am not really a big fan of music that is very obtuse or "arty." I like simple, structured songs and they please my ears so that's why I make them. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of Opeth or Tool every now and again and The Downward Spiral by NIN is one of my most listened-to albums ever. I just feel that my own strengths lie in a more direct style. However, next week's song is a little bit out there. Musically it's definitely something a bit more progressive than I'm used to doing. So you might enjoy that.

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